Wattamolla Upgrade Completed

The recent upgrade works at Wattamolla visitor precinct area have been completed.

Completed Upgrades

The upgrade was in response to a significant increase in visitors to Wattamolla over the last few years. During the peak summer periods there are up to 3500 visitors a day. When the parking lots are full people park on Sir Bertram Stevens Drive and make the 3km walk to the picnic area on foot.

The updates completed as part of the Wattamolla Stage One upgrade masterplan included:

    • reconfiguration of the lower loop car park to create additional shaded open space for picnics, and provide for safer bus drop-off and accessible parking
    • upgrade of the picnic areas including new shelters and BBQs
    • new viewing platform and safety fencing overlooking the falls
    • landscaping, pathways and tree planting that will improve the visual amenity of the area
Wattamolla Upgrade Completed
Wattamolla Stage One Upgrades

Lower Loop Car Park

The main entry into Wattamolla has been redesigned into a looping car park. The number of car parking spots has been reduced with the freed up space being designated for bus and motorcycle parking. The loop configuration caters for large buses by providing them a turning circle to enter Wattamolla, drop off passengers before exiting the lower loop.

The parking area has been repaved along with new bollards and access gates having been installed. The existing green area has been maintained with a rock wall installed along the eastern edge of the car park.

Wattamolla Lower Loop Car Park Upgrade
Lower Loop Car Park

Picnic Area Upgrade

The picnic area has several noticeable improvements.  The area has been landscaped with several large patches of newly laid green turf. The green areas are interconnected with paved walkways. Garden beds have new shrubs planted with rock garden landscaping.

New amenities include a number of sheltered seating areas with picnic tables. There are also new barbeques installed available for use.

Wattamolla Picnic Area
Wattamolla Picnic Area

Falls Viewing Area

The waterfalls viewing area has had a major overhaul. Most notably a confluence of head high fencing has been installed along the perimeter of the cliff edge. The fencing is also slightly angled to make it difficult to jump over or climb. The new fencing has been installed to address the cliff’s controversial¬† past due to it’s popularity by thrill seekers using it as jumping point to the lagoon below.

Signs have been erected with the warning “People have died jumping from here” but the risk has not been totally eliminated. While not impossible a determined individual could climb over the fencing. However, as has been witnessed the fences can be bypassed altogether by climbing up the cliff face from the lagoon below.

Wattamolla Falls Viewing Area
Falls Viewing Area

Future Upgrade Plans

The current upgrades completed were part of stage one of the Wattamolla masterplan. There are currently another two stages planned which will encompass a number of areas and facilities within the Wattamolla precinct area.

Among the future upgrades planned are:

  • Introduction of a parking booking system.
  • Increasing the number of parking places from 300 to 700 spots.
  • Addition of camping ground for independent walkers.
  • Addition of camping ground for groups managed by a commercial operator.
  • Creation of a foot bridge over Coote Creek to provide all weather access for walkers
  • Creation of a swing bridge running over Wattamolla Creek
Wattamolla Masterplan Upgrades
Wattamolla Masterplan

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