Bundeena Beach Parking

Bundeena beach parking is simplified when you use the Google map and read our handy tips that we have provided for visitors.

Beach Map Overview

There are four beaches that are local to the village of Bundeena. Horderns beach is the main beach and the most popular.  Horderns has mulitple parking areas both in the centre of town but also near the entrance to Bundeena located in the Bundeena Community Centre as well as along Liverpool St. There are also mulitple access paths providing entry to Horderns.

Bonnie Vale beach is also a very popular beach and adjoins a large picnic area. There is a single entrance for vehicles as well as a secondary access path along a short bush track. There are ample parking lots including an overflow area. As Bonnie Vale is located within the Royal National Park parking fees apply.

Both Gunyah beach and Jibbon beach don’t have dedicated parking lots so limited nearby street parking is the only option. Both these beaches do have multiple access entrances to choose from.

The Bundeena Beach Parking & Access map (see below) is integrated with Google Maps and provides interactive information for each point of interest as well as the option for turn by turn navigation.

Parking Tips

During peak periods street parking near to beaches quickly fill. Arriving early before 10am is reccommended to secure these parking spots.

Visiting Bundeena beaches outside of weekends and public holidays is another option to simplify finding a parking place. The sun shines just as brightly on a weekday.

If with a group, another strategy is to drive up to one of the beach entrance points and drop off passengers and beach gear for the day. The driver can find a parking spot away from the beach area and make their way back on foot. Bundeena is a small village so it’s a maximum ten minute walk from the southern streets or parking areas to a beach entrance.

Street parking in most areas of Bundeena is legal except where signposted. Take care not to block other cars in or residential driveways or you may get an unwanted souvenir in the form of a parking fine or towing fee.

Lastly, the easiest way to avoid parking fustration is to leave your vehicle at home and use public transport. The historic Bundeena Ferry runs regularly and provides a scenic and refreshing trip across the Port Hacking River.

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