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It’s been 10 years since the Port Arthur Massacre. Are you aware of the Bundeena connection?

The Bundeena built in 1946 was a 200 passenger ferry which ran on the Bundeena-Cronulla service until 1975. It was sold to operators in Tasmania where it was used to ferry tourists to and from Port Arthur. Many, including police have speculated that the gunman Martin Bryant had actually planned to target the ferry on that fateful day in April of 1996. Some thought he planned to board the ferry and others have suggested he planned to snipe at passengers from a distance as they embarked and disembarked the ferry. There are even suggestions that he planned to set alight the Bundeena sinking it in the harbour and making it even more difficult to recover any evidence of the crime.

So what  happened to foil this plan to target the Bundeena? The thought is that Bryant had miscalculated the ferry being at the wharf at it’s normal 1pm depature. The ferry schedule had changed several weeks earlier to coincide with the ending of day light savings time. As a result when Bryant arrived for the 1pm renendez-vous there was no ferry in sight. So it goes that he changed his plans and targetted the victims in the Broad Arrow Cafe instead.

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