Bundeena Business Advertising

Why advertise on Bundeena Info?

Advertising your business on Bundeena Info maximises your audience reach for people inquiring on what Bundeena and the Royal National Park have to offer.

Bundeena Info has a large social media presence on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter with a combined audience of over 5000 followers. Another 1000 people subscribe to the Bundeena Info Newsletter.

Importantly, for people not familiar with the area Bundeena Info ranks on the first page of Google for the following searches:

  • bundeena
  • bundeena accommodation
  • bundeena holiday homes
  • bundeena things to do
  • bundeena activities
  • bundeena beaches
  • bundeena bushwalks
  • bundeena camping
  • bundeena ferry
  • bundeena markets
  • bundeena events
  • bundeena national park

How does a Bundeena Info listing promote your business?

A listing on Bundeena Info gives you a dedicated page on the website with your business details including:

  • A description of your business features
  • Multiple photos with slider navigation
  • Google Maps location display
  • Video showcase of your business (user supplied)
  • Full contact information including street address, phone, email & website link
  • No Google Ads displayed on your listing page
  • Click the following Listing for an example with these features.
Bundeena Business Advertising Listing

Additionally, your listing will be featured on a number of Bundeena Info website pages including:

What social media promotion does your business get with Bundeena Info?

Your business’ social media pages will be featured on Bundeena Info’s Facebook & Instagram social media channels with:

    • Follow of your page
    • Regular tagging of your page on Bundeena Info posts
    • Sharing of some of your posts on Bundeena Info page

If your business doesn’t currently have a Facebook or Instagram page we can set one up for you.

How much is a Bundeena Info listing?

A fixed $149 annual fee gets you a listing on the website along with ongoing social media promotion. There are no commission charges or additional fees for setup or if you want your listing details updated.

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