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Mandy’s hand made natural soaps are now available.

Have you ever checked out the ingredient list on your store bought soap? There’s barely an ingredient there that you’ll recognize what with all the chemicals they use to strengthen the scent and give it a long shelf life. No wonder Mandy’s homemade soaps were so well loved, (and let’s face it, some of those soaps were miniature works of art!) and indeed because of their popularity Mandy has agreed to continue the line.

So what makes these soaps so special? Well for one thing, all of the ingredients are natural. In fact Mandy grows as many of the ingredients as she can in her garden, including kafir lime, lemongrass, bamboo and assorted herbs to name a few. She uses only quality cosmetic additives including a variety of French clays, essential oils, seaweed, and spices. And to give them that little extra touch, she often combines loofa and pumice, Bael fruit from Thailand and other exotic ingredients to create these unique and wonderful soaps. All of her soaps can be split into two categories.

The first is a glycerin-based soap, which is very gentle and moisturizing. Some examples of this soap are the “Venus of Willendorf” a moisturizing bar, the “Dirty Pig” which includes pumice for an exfoliating effect, and the assorted “Loofa” soaps which have French clays, herbs and different botanicals in them.

The second style is the traditional cold pressed soaps, which Mandy bases on olive oil. This is the age-old method of making soaps and every batch is cured for a minimum of 4 weeks. These soaps are slightly harder but they last a lot longer and can be both moisturizing and exfoliating. Some examples include, “Moroccan Spice” which has cinnamon, clove, star anise, orange peel and coconut oils and is a great scrub bar, The “Cooks and Fisherman’s soap” gets rid of nasty smells by combining coffee and star anise, and the “Gardeners Relief” soap helps sooth tired and strained hands with French red clay, tea tree and lemon essential oils.

Mandy will also be making a men and women’s line of shaving soap and a very special soap for your pet called “Woof” that has tea tree and eucalyptus to help repel fleas. All of Mandy’s soaps can be purchased at Something at Mary’s ,  8 Mary St Bundeena from 10-4 on Saturdays and Sundays. ]]>< Previous Next >[ Back ] All content property of Bundeena Info unless indicated otherwise