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The Bundeena Maianbar Chamber of Commerce president gives an update on efforts to limit road restrictions and requests residents document any Bundeena Maianbar road access issues arising on Australia Day.

As per LEADER & FACEBOOK via BUNDEENA INFO – you may be well aware of the situation and problems that have arisen over this Holiday Period 2011-12.

This is the LEADER article with John from the IGA and Mark from the Service Station.

Access it here: http://bit.ly/bundeena-traffic-bungle

If you haven’t already registered your Comments on the LEADER article’s comments page please do so, the bigger the paper trail we have, the better we can prevent this in the future!

While we do understand the depth of the overcrowding problems faced by the authorities – they expect 10,000 or more cars through on Australia Day alone – we also expect to be permitted to get to our own homes and also have our visitors get through, without any more difficulties than necessary under the circumstances.

Many of us have lived here during floods, fire and landslides and recognise that sometimes circumstances inconvenience us. However, they should never be this bad.

As you know or may have heard we, the Chamber of Commerce, Progress Association & Community members have been pushing, goading, calling, talking, emailing all with the aim to convince the Parks, Police, RTA & Council to change their “Holiday” Traffic Plans that have so adversely effected Bundeena & Maianbar businesses and families this Holiday period 2011-12.

We have achieved a few things. We did get the message across, that their handling of their “Traffic Plan” was not satisfactory.

We got them to meet with us and listen. They have made the concession to allow traffic at Audley to trickle through even after it’s closed.

We’ve got the problem of the roadblocks hopefully gone or at least greatly reduced unless things get hectic as defined by the Police (who understand hectic for real).

Council attended a meeting and are putting in extra bins for the day and also ensuring every public toilet facility, including Community Centre, will be open and serviced.

And we now have a meeting planned with them all for a debrief after Australia Day.

The Parks, RTA & Poilce are on notice that if they make the same mistake and cannot justify their actions after the event.

And they are going into Australia Day knowing this.

So although we have not got everything fixed, we do have some improvement. Not enough, but some is better than nothing.

So on Australia Day, please tell your family & friends when entering the Park or exiting to take some form of ID with them.

If you are inviting people to visit do it by email if you can and ask them to print the email (giving your address and phone number) as their bona fides.

If you are resident but your driver’s license does not show it, we suggest you carry a utilities bill in your name with the Bundeena or Maianbar address, and please inform guests to be clear about the address they are going to, or they could be turned away.

Where possible, encourage people to arrive by 9 am.

If you or your guests still experience problems, please document them.

Put your cameras and mobile phones to good use. If anyone gets stopped, take note of the official car number and any other details.

It is essential to note the time and location.

Whatever problems there are, we must document.

It will help us work towards a more effective longer term solution.

Thank You.


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