Bundeena Election Debate 2023

A debate held in Bundeena between candidates for the seat of Heathcote in the upcoming NSW State election was well attended by residents and covered a number of local issues.

Debate Setting

The debate was organised by the Bundeena Progress Association and held in the Bundeena Community Services Club.

Bundeena Election Debate Candidates
Lee Evans (Liberal), Cooper Riach (Greens) , Mark Da Silva (BPA host), Maryanne Stuart (Labor)

The candidates attending were from the three major parties and included current sitting MP Lee Evans of the Liberal Party,  Maryanne Stuart of the Labor Party and Bundeena resident Cooper Riach  from The Greens. With nominations for the seat of Heathcote still open no other candidates are yet to be finalised.

Candidate Opening Statements

The debate started with each of the candidates giving a 5 minute opening statement to the audience as to their background and why they were running in the NSW State Election.

Audley Weir

A number of questions which were deemed of high importance had been pre-allocated to the candidates by the Bundeena Progress Association. The first of these questions was what would the candidates do if elected to address the issues associated with Audley Weir. Each candidate was given 2 minutes to address the question.

Audley Weir Update

Emergency Services

The next pre-allocated question related to the state of emergency services in Bundeena with particular attention as to whether the ambulance station based in Bundeena should be staffed 24 hours a day.

Bundeena Ambulance Paramedic

Spring Gully

One of the pre-allocated questions posed to candidates was in relation to the contentious issue of the development of Spring Gully and if they supported it’s acquisition in to the Royal National Park.

Spring Gully Landscape Model
Spring Gully Landscape Model

Energy Security

The next pre-allocated question asked candidates on their stance on supporting renewable based energy infrastructure with particular  focus on a community battery to take advantage of the installed base of rooftop solar in Bundeena.

Maianbar Powerline Map

Port Hacking Pollution

The last of the pre-allocated questions asked of candidates concerned the environmental risks to the Port Hacking river with particular concerns of coal mining upstream in the Royal National Park.

Varneys Bridge
Varneys Bridge crossing over Port Hacking river

Bundeena Q&A

After all the pre-allocated questions had been answered questions were opened up to members of the audience in attendance.

Royal National Park Road RuinA myriad of local issues were brought up and addressed including:

  • Indigenous Voice to Parliament
  • Royal National Park Road Damage
  • Bundeena Parking & Overcrowding
  • SES Services
  • Jibbon Toilet
  • Simpsons Sea Wall
  • Mobile Tower

Voter Information

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