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Artificial Intimacy

The AI we need to fear!

UNSW evolutionary biologist Professor Rob Brooks discusses artificial intimacy. Read More

Bundeena Smoking Ceremony

Honouring our ANZAC Fallen Indigenous Warriors

A special dedication to Our First Nations Flagpole and Flag being proudly flown on Dharawal land. Read More

Deliberative Democracy

Politics doesn't have to be this way, we already have the answer.

Kyle Redman on deliberative democracy and the political philosophy that informs it at Bundeena House. Read More

I Catch Killers

High Profile Homicide Detective Visits Bundeena

Gary Jubelin gives a talk about his career and his life post-policing. Read More

Philosophy as Plumbing

A short introduction on the philosophy of Mary Midgely

British philosopher Mary Midgley argued that philosophy is like plumbing, something that nobody notices until it goes wrong. Read More

Philosophy of Economics

Exploring the worldly philosophy of economics

Professor Frank Stilwell in dialogue with the ideas of Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Henry George & John Maynard Keynes at Bundeena House. Read More

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