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Hello Library, Bye Bye Books!
Wednesday, 02 June 2010

As Bundeena Public School's new million dollar library nears completion Sutherland Shire Council has voted to withdraw library services to the new building.

The new school library which has been under construction for over six months was the result of a grant from the federal government as part of stimulus spending during the econmic downturn. The old library which was housed in a smaller building on the school's premises was also a branch for Sutherland Shire Libraries. The Bundeena branch operated on limited hours with a limited book collection but also allowed for books to be received and returned from other libraries across Sutherland Shire.

With the advent of the new library it was expected that the services would be migrated to it. However, on Monday evening Council passed a motion to discontinue the relocation of the old library to the new one. Among the reasons cited for the discontinuation of sevices was that there was reduced area for Council books in the new library and that there was low usage of the facility by Bundeena residents.

In place of the library relocation Council has offered to donate the entire Shire junior book collection to the School library as well as $5000 to to assist with the provision of shelving of these books. Additionally, those current registered users of Bundeena who may be eligible would be offered access to the Home Library Service. The
Home Library Service is available to residents who are aged, ill, disabled, or convalescing and requires a referral from a doctor, nursing service or social worker.

However, it appears that Council has made it's decision without any public notice or community consultation. The has raised the ire of many locals including members of Bundeena's P&C. Most only became aware of what was happening on the Monday afternoon of the vote. They've taken issue with Council's rationale for discontinuing the library service stating the larger libary was built with keeping the existing service in mind. Additionally, they believe usage is low since the existing service is not well promoted and the existing building is out of sight.

A protest rally is planned this Saturday June 5th at 9:45am at Bundeena Public Library (located at the back of Bundeena Public School).

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Bundeena Councillor

Voted against library closure
    • George Capsis - -  02 9527 6415 - 0434 327 758
    • Carol Provan - - 02 9527 6406 - 0434 327 757

Voted for library closure
    • Kevin Schreiber - - 02 9540 3186

To have your say on our poll on what you think of the planned closure click here

Select Poll: 

Bundena Library Poll
You live in
   Sutherland Shire
4   5.97%
8   11.94%
   Bundeena Maianbar
55   82.09%
You think Sutherland Shire library services in Bundeena should
   Be reduced
1   1.49%
   Be discontinued
2   2.99%
   Be maintained as is
31   46.27%
   Be expanded
33   49.25%
Your family CURRENTLY uses Sutherland Shire library services in Bundeena
10   14.93%
   A couple of times a year
13   19.4%
19   28.36%
25   37.31%
Your family PLANS to use Sutherland Shire library services in Bundeena
   A couple of times a year
6   8.96%
7   10.45%
24   35.82%
30   44.78%

Number of Voters  : 67

Bundeena Public School Library
Bundeena Public School Library


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