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The end of the car in Bundeena?

The ever increasing price of petrol continues unabated and given Bundeena and Maianbar’s remote nature the local residents will feel it’s impact more than most Sydneysiders. A return trip from Bundeena to the Royal National Park traffic light intersection at the Princess Highway runs almost 50km. A good part of this trip runs thru winding roads and steep uphill accents requiring much acceleration. The result being a return journey out of the park will currently cost between $6 to $11 depending on what type of car your driving.

Here’s a summary of what you could expect to pay for a round trip to the the park entrance by varying increases in the price of petrol dependant on the type of car you drive. Remember this is only to get you out of the park you still need to pay more to get to your final destination.

                       Cost of a return trip to/from RNP entrance (46km)

Vehicle Type Litres/100km  $0.90/L $1.35/L$1.50/L $1.75/L  $2.00/L$2.50/L  compact 9 $3,73 $5.59 $6.21 $7.25 $8.28 $10.35 sedan 12 $4.97 $7.45 $8.28 $9.66 $11.04 $13.80 people mover
 15 $6.21 $9.32 $10.35 $12.08 $13.80 $17.25 large 4WD
 18 $7.45 $11.18 $12.42 $14.49 $16.56 $20.70

With analysts predicting $2/litre by the demand fuelled by the expanding Chinese economy coupled with political tensions in both Iraq and Iran the current $6 to $11 round trip price could be considered cheap!

How will the residents of Bundeena Maianbar adjust to such a price rise. Give up their cars and take up public transport? Unlikely given the ferry only runs hourly and ends at 7pm. Trade in their vehicles for smaller cars? Car pool? Or eat the cost and make sacrifices in other spending?

Fill out our survey and let us know how you’ll adjust to the petrol pinch.

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