Sydney Weekender Features Bundeena

Channel 7’s Sydney Weekender show features Bundeena.

The filming took place in late May 2021 with the premiere broadcast on Sunday 13 June. The show starts with presenter Sally boarding the iconic Bundeena Ferry at Cronulla Wharf. Sally interviews Skipper Steve and provides historical details about the ferry service and Bundeena.

Upon arriving at Bundeena Wharf Sally is greeted by Bundeena Maianbar Art Trail artist and president Rosemary Galceran.  Rosemary provides some background info on the Art Trail before accompanying Sally to meet some  of the artists in their studios including Peter Mulder, Bob Marchant, Jiawei Shen and Lan Wang.

Finally, Sally showcases local accommodation premises The House on the Rock. Perched upon the eastern cliffside at Gunyah Beach the exapansive water views on three sides are highlighted.