Royal National Park Access Notice

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National Parks and Wildlife Service is notifying residents that access to Bundeena Maianbar via Farnell Ave may be restricted during peak periods.


Silly season is fast approaching and staff at Royal National Park are busily preparing for what is traditionally known as our ‘peak period.’ As Bundeena and Maianbar residents know, the park can reach its capacity (of somewhere between 10-15,000 visitors) on a busy day. These peak days have become more frequent over the past few years and our effort to manage these days is being escalated in response to this. The NPWS is working closely with RTA, Police, Traffic contractors and others to ensure these days are as hassle free as is possible.

Police and RTA’s main concern is the impact on traffic flow on the highway and they have advised us to put procedures in place to ensure that this is minimal. NPWS have contracted a Traffic Management company to control traffic through the park on these peak days. When the park’s road reach a congested state that starts to affect the flow of traffic on the highway Farnell Ave entrance to the park will be closed and visitors will be advised that the park is closed.

Residents of Bundeena & Maianbar and their visitors will be able to enter the park at Waterfall via McKell Ave. We understand this is not ideal, however this is a decision that is no longer within our control.

As in previous years, the park’s visitation is very dependant on good weather. If it is a nice day and it is a public holiday, (in particular Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day or Australia Day) is may be advisable to warn your visitors that they may be re-diverted to McKell Ave to enter or exit the park.

NPWS will be advising the public of road closures and the status of our primary destinations via large electronic signs on the highway, through the media via traffic updates and via a closure notice on the NPWS Royal National Park webpage as well as on Twitter at

Sue Aston-Metham
National Parks & Wildlife Service

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