Council Elections 2021 Voter’s Guide

Bundeena Maianbar residents will go to the polls to elect Councillors for Sutherland Shire A Ward in the upcoming local council elections. Find out how and where to vote along with candidate information.

Sutherland Shire A Ward Candidates

There are 16 candidates vying for the 3 councillor positions for A Ward.  9 of the candidates belong to  registered political parties with the other 8 classified as independent.

Candidate Information Sheets

Candidates running in the election must register with the NSW Election Commission. The registration process involves candidates completing a Candidate Information Sheet where they specify various details including a candidate statement.

Below is a subset of information from the Candidate Information Sheets (Part C) for A Ward retrieved from the NSW Election Commission website and displayed in ballot order.

Group A

Candidate Party Residence Age
CHANTLER Craig Independent CRONULLA 42
My dedication and passion towards our community is evident in the roles that I have chosen to undertake. My position as a school teacher at a local high school, a swim coach at a local swim centre, a volunteer firefighter with a local RFS station, and a scout leader with a local scout group, has given me the knowledge and understanding of the needs and values of our community. My experience and my passion for our community would allow me to put the needs of our community first. I believe more attention needs to be given to many of the communities concerns, such as traffic, a lack of parking, overdevelopment, a lack of sporting and recreational facilities including parks and BMX tracks, and a lack of resources aimed at promoting heathy aging
GRIGG Kylie Independent CARINGBAH SOUTH 41
Having grown up in the Sutherland Shire from birth I have a strong understanding of what it is that our community requires. I feel it is important that many residential concerns such as parking, traffic, over development, sporting and recreational facilities are addressed.
CROSS Jacqueline Independent CARINGBAH SOUTH 38
As a long time resident and child care employee, I have gained a strong understanding of the needs and requirements of our local community.
BEALE Howard Independent CRONULLA 58
No statement available

Group B

Candidate Party Residence Age
FARMER Leanne Independent CRONULLA 64
Business Owner 32 Years. Member of North Cronulla Precinct. Resident of WardA for 64 years. Involved in Community projects for 20 years
KABLE Gavin Independent CRONULLA 51
Resident of Ward A – 51 years, local small business owner, substantial corporate business experience, former chartered accountant.
COOMES Kerry Independent WOOLOOWARE 76
President of North Cronulla Precinct which is a resident community group established in 1994. It deals with concerns of residents in the local community. I have lived in A ward since 1991.

Group C

Candidate Party Residence Age
No statement available
A local by birth, Marcelle is committed to supporting improvements for small business and revitalisation of local infrastructure, in line with the preservation of character and unique lifestyle of the Shire.

She believes that development must correlate with adequate infrastructure, parks and sporting grounds to maintain a high quality of life for the community.

Marcelle has completed a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame Sydney and is pursuing postgraduate studies. An active community member, she looks forward to representing the interests of the community on Council.

No statement available

Group D

Candidate Party Residence Age
No statement available
No statement available
No statement available

Group E

Candidate Party Residence Age
No statement available
No statement available
No statement available

How & Where to Vote

Election Day Voting

Council election voting takes place on Saturday 4 December 2021 between 8am to 6pm at a number of polling stations most of which are located in A Ward.  You must visit a polling station designated for A Ward voting as not all polling stations located in the Sutherland Shire allow for A Ward voting.

Note there is no absentee voting for Council elections, meaning you cannot vote in the Sutherland Shire election at another council area such as Georges River or Burwood.

Voting is compulsory with non-voters being subject to a fine.

A Ward Polling Locations
Polling Venue Address
Bundeena Community Centre Liverpool Street, Bundeena
Burraneer Bay Public School 161 Burraneer Bay Road, Woolooware
Caringbah High School Willarong Road, Caringbah
Caringbah Public School Actinotus Avenue, Caringbah
Caringbah Uniting Church Hall 460 Port Hacking Road
Cronulla High School Captain Cook Drive, Cronulla
Cronulla Public School 18-24 Burraneer Bay Road, Cronulla
Cronulla South Public School Ewos Parade, Cronulla
Kurnell Public School Dampier Street, Kurnell
Laguna Street Public School Laguna Street, Caringbah
Lilli Pilli Public School Turriell Bay Road, Lilli Pilli
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer 49-53 Dominic Street, Woolooware
Port Hacking High School 637 Kingsway, Miranda
St Phillips Anglican Church Hall 402 Port Hacking Road, Caringbah
Sutherland Uniting Church Hall Flora Street, Sutherland
Thornton Hall 7 Giddings Avenue, Cronulla
Woolooware High School Restormel Street, Woolooware
Woolooware Public School 34 Wills Road, Woolooware

Early Voting

It’s possible to vote in advance of election day from Monday 22 November to Friday 3 December 2021 between 9am to 5pm at a designated pre-poll voting location. No reason is required to vote early in person.

Pre-Poll Voting  Locations
Pre-Poll Venue Address
Caringbah Senior Citizens Centre 376-382 Port Hacking Road, Caringbah
Cronulla Central – Hall Level 3, 38-60 Croydon Street, Cronulla
Engadine Library 116E Caldarra Avenue, Engadine
Menai Community Centre 34 Allison Crescent, Menai
Miranda Community Centre 91A-97 Karimbla Road, Miranda
Sutherland Multipurpose Centre, Hall 123 Flora Street, Sutherland
Sylvania Community Centre 30 Canberra Road, Sylvania

Postal Voting

If you cannot vote in person you can apply for a postal vote if you have a valid reason. These include:

  • will be outside your ward or council area
  • will be more than 8km from a polling place
  • will be travelling
  • are seriously ill, disabled or approaching childbirth (or caring for someone who is).
  • have religious beliefs that prevent you from attending
  • are in prison or a correctional centre
  • will be working
  • are a silent elector. Note: You must already be registered with the AEC as a silent elector
  • are a person with a disability
  • believe that attending will pose a risk to your personal safety or the safety of your family.
  • are enrolled in the City of Sydney council.

To apply for a postal vote visit the NSW Online Postal Vote Application website.

iVote Online Voting

Another option if you cannot vote in person is to apply to vote online or by telephone using iVote if you have a valid reason. These include:

  • are blind or have low vision
  • are unable to vote without assistance or have difficulty voting at a polling place because you have a disability or have difficulties reading
  • are a silent elector
  • applied for a postal vote but did not receive your postal ballot papers before 5pm on 26 November 2021 (only available eight days before election day)
  • live more than 20 kilometres from a polling place, or
  • will not be within your council area during election day.

To apply for online or telephone voting visit the NSW iVote website.

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