Cabbage Tree Basin Footbridge Closure

The footbridge connecting Bundeena and Maianbar will be closed for maintenance.

Footbridge History

The footbridge is located near Bonnie Vale Campground in the Royal National Park and runs over the waterway entrance to Cabbage Tree Basin. It is used for both local residents as well as visitors travelling on foot between the villages of Bundeena and Maianbar.

The footbridge also serves as secondary purpose as protection of the main water supply pipe between Bundeena and Maianbar. The current metal bridge was built in 2008 and replaced a very old wooden bridge that had been there for decades.

Cabbage Tree Basin Footbridge Closure
Previous wooden footbridge (2007)

Structural problems with the bridge were first noticed during May 2020 as a result of the large build up of water levels triggered by heavy rains and the shifting sands of Deeban Spit. The water levels eventually subsided when Deeban Spit split in two. Soon afterwards a notice was put on the bridge for people not to loiter on it when crossing over it.

Planned Maintenance

Cabbage Tree Basin Footbridge
Sydney Water pipeline running alongside current footbridge.

As a result maintenance works are being carried out to address the structural problems at the end of June between 8am to 4pm.  The bridge will remain open outside these times.

The main scope of works involve removing the bridge decking and welding cross bracing to the frame to increase stability. Improvements will also be made to the bridge supports to reduce restraint of the footbridge fixings, and address erosion around the abutments. These works are essential and will improve the structural performance of the bridge.

The decking will be removed during the day to allow access for welding and then put back in place so the bridge can still be used outside of the working hours.

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