Figure 8 Pools

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Figure 8 Pools Royal National Park

Figure 8 Pools

A Wonder of Nature

Figure 8 Pools is a  one of kind bushwalk made by nature. There are actually a series of pools but one in particular has formed into the perfect shape of the number eight.


Distance 6km return
Time 3 hours
Grade Hard

Starting Point

Figure 8 Pools bushwalk is only accessible and visible at low tide so extra caution and planning are required when planning a visit to them.

We reccommend you consult beforehand the Figure 8 Pools Warning System.

The best starting point to reach the pools is from Garawara Farm car park in the Royal National Park. Note a valid parking pass is required to park here.

Interactive Route Map

Points of Interest

Across the road from Garawara Farm car park take the Burgh Track at the Garawarra Ridge Management Trail signpost with direction to Burning Palms Beach.  The track is quite steep so you should not rush down.

The Burgh track joins with the Coast Track and at this point you should turn right/south on to the Coast Track to continue on to Burning Palms Beach.  On your way to Burning Palms you will pass a number of cabins. These cabins date back to the 1920s and 1930s and form a close knit community. An annual open day allows the public to visit inside the cabins and learn about their history.

From the Coast Track path take one of the side tracks to descend down to Burning Palms Beach. Follow the beach to the far south end. From here follow the rocky shoreline. You will need to do a bit of scrambling over rocks as well as take caution on any slippery wet areas. This rocky path will take you round two prominent headlands with Figure 8 Pools located on the second one.

There are actually a number of pools located on this section of headland. Some are sole circles with others joining to form a figure 8 shape. One pair of pools in particular join to form a large and uniform figure 8 measuring 4 metres long and 1 metre wide.

Follow back the same way to return back to Garawara Farm car park. Alternatively, one can continue approximately 200m around the next headland and climb out via a very steep cliff track. The track requires a bit of bush bashing but once at the top one can return along the Coastal Track which then joins up with the Burgh Track whichs leads back to the starting point.



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