Audley Weir Closures 2021

Audley Weir closures report for 2021


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Audley Weir is currently open.

March 2021 Closure Report

Audley Weir has had it’s first flooding event  for 2021.  It’s been over seven months since it last flooded in August 2020.

Official closure time was at 10:36am on Saturday 20 March with reopening time at Thursday 25 March at 5:13pm. In total it was closed for 126.5 hours or 5.3 days which is the longest single closure in 10 years.

Shortly after closure a vehicle was stranded midway on the Weir. Reports indicate the driver had come to Bundeena to assist a resident. Enroute to returning home the Weir had flooded but warning signs had not yet been activitated. The driver not being familiar with the road drove through the Weir where the vehicle had stalled midway. The driver was able to escape.

Police and SES crews monitored the vehicle over the course of the first day. A tow truck attended the Weir but it was assessed to be too dangerous to attempt recovery. The vehicle was eventually removed a couple of days later after the water level had subsided.

The vehicle was eventually removed a couple of days later on Wednesday 24 March after spending over 100 hours on the Weir. Suprisingly, the vehicle’s exterior looked in good shape given it’s ordeal.


Audley Weir Closures 2021

Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Hours Closed Days Closed
2021-03-20 10:36 2021-03-25 17:13 126.5 5.3
Total Hours/Days 126.5 5.3
Number of Closures 1

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