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Meeting Minutes - 2007-05-10

Bundeena Maianbar Tourism Working Group 

Bundeena Maianbar Tourism Working Group Logo

Meeting Minutes - May 10th 2007


Chamber of Commerce
Activities Guide
Tourism Survey

Attendees Craig, Marion, Meg, Bruce, Maureen

Apologies Doris, Jade

Chamber of Commerce, CoC

Craig has been investigating the possibility of starting up a CoC in Bundeena/Maianbar. Craig circulated the Model rules, (a paper designed to help people get into the right framework) and stated,  "we can adopt them as is (probably not, since some local modifications are needed), or, more appropriately, amend them to fit our situation. In particular, comments and suggestions on the following would be helpful"

The TWG will help to solidify this.

  • Membership qualifications
  • Nomination for membership
  • Dues (fees and subscriptions)
  • Number of people on the committee
  • Election of members
  • Funds management
  • Meetings

Craig provided a breakdown of where we are and how to proceed, the contents of which are listed below.

Establishing a Bundeena Maianbar Chamber of Commerce (CoC)

Where We Are:

  • Received bank statements from previous treasurer.  Balance of $265.40.
  • Found no other records from previous CoC (no constitution, rules, minutes, etc.)
  • Contacted NSW Business Chamber (umbrella organization for CoCs in the state)  
  • Received instructions on how to form a CoC
  • Contacted Office of Fair Trade (OFT)
  • No record of a previous Bundeena and Maianbar CoC at the OFT
  • Therefore, no previous documents on hand (constitution, rules, minutes, etc.)
  • Requested & received instructions on incorporating an association
  • Reported status of the existing CoC to the NSW Business Chamber
  • Received invitation to a CoC workshop in Maroubra on 22 May  (Craig will attend)

Where We Need To Go Next:

  • Schedule an 'interest meeting' to vote on forming a CoC.
  • At least ten business people should attend
  • Will likely become the Steering Committee and Executive
  • Draft changes to Model Rules (constitution)
  • Membership criteria, dues, other local issues
  • Prepare announcement and agenda for follow-on/large group meeting
  • Include details on all resolutions        
  • Take minutes, record attendees
  • Hold a General Meeting (advertise at least 21 days in advance) to form a CoC
  • Invite all potential CoC members to attend
  • Advertise and vote on special resolutions:
  • To form a CoC
  • approve changes to Model Rules
  • To approve the CoC objects
  • Appoint a Public Officer responsible for lodging documents (to become secretary)
  • Establish an Executive for the CoC (often the Steering Committee, must be voted on)
  • Adopt general principals on incorporation, goals, objectives, insurance, etc.
  • Keep minutes, record attendees for this and all CoC meetings (required by OFT)
  • Hold Steering Committee Meetings
  • Submit notice of appointment of Public Officer to OFT ($nil) 
  • Prepare application for incorporation, submit to OFT ($100) (within 30 days of the meeting approving the amended rules)
  • Apply for reservation of name concurrently ($48)
  • Apply for Public Liability Insurance
  • Apply for membership in NSW Business Chamber
  • Prepare & execute a Business Plan

We encourage all businesses to become involved, in particular we need people who will become part of the working committee. Please contact Craig Feldick on 9523 0973 for information and positions available.

Maureen mentioned to me that the RSL is not available for the first CoC "Interest" meeting, and after following up with Dan we have two alternatives. Either Monday June4 (in the Gunya room)  or Tues June5 (in the salt bush restaurant).  Could you all get back to me about whether there would be a problem with either or both of these dates- and any alternative places we could meet if Wednesday is still the best date.

Marion has confirmed that the meeting will take place Tues June 5 in the Salt Bush restaurant. 

Activities Guide 

Marnie emailed the "activities guide" to Marion and she will go over this with Jade and make any changes 

Tourism Survey

Jenny-Lee has suggested that we put together a survey to get a better idea of  our tourism market. Once this is completed Jenny-Lee will look into having some Uni students out canvassing. We should also encourage all of local businesses to participate, and maybe we need to offer an incentive to answer these questions.............

We didn't have much time to nut out the questions that we want to ask but a few are listed below. I would ask that you all think about this and email me any other questions that are appropriate in understanding who we should be targeting in order to grow our individual businesses.

1) Where do you come from (local, NSW, other states, International?)

2) How did you hear about Bundeena?, (friends/family, newspaper, TV/radio, other)

3) What are you planning to do here?

4) How long will you be staying?

Craig has also suggested that we ask people questions one their way out, such as:

1) How long were you in Bundeena?  If overnight, what type of accommodation did you stay in?

2) Did Bundeena meet up to your expectation?

3) Did you enjoy yourself?  If not, why not?

4) What about Bundeena would you like to see changed?

Everyone please send any other comments/questions that you think we need to ask to

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