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A group of thirty owners of tourism orientated businesses in Bundeena-Maianbar met in March of 2006.

The objective of this meeting was to provide an opportunity for people working in the same area to meet and network and also to come up with ideas to better promote Bundeena-Maianbar as a fabulous destination for tourists. Some of the main areas that the group identified as being in need of improvement were:

  • Tourist Signage / Information
  • Visitor Information Facility (Brochure Display)

Since this initial meeting a working group has been formed to further work on plans for implementing the above. The group meets every two weeks (5 times so far) and has been very productive. They have already secured the use of a notice board on the Bundeena Service Station, (thanks to the Bundeena Progress Association) and are currently working on ideas to present this area to its best advantage. Work has begun on a combined media press release, and the Website www.bundeenainfo.com was initiated by John Muscat to provide local businesses with a central web presence, to give information to visitors about the area, and to provide the community with related information and news. However the lack of prominent and professional signage and information is still much needed.


The only signage currently erected is a sign at the turnoff to Bundeena-Maianbar indicating the logos food, accommodation, camping etc and a Heritage Trail map at the ferry waiting shed. Visitors need to hunt through a disarray of informal notice boards and display racks or bail up local shop owners to find even the most basic information about the area and the location of any facilities/services they may need including ferry time-tables, bush walking tracks, toilets, doctor, camping area, beach access, etc. This really isn't good enough. Visitors often don't get to experience or know about many of the services or activities available in Bundeena, and from talking to shop owners it is also an unnecessary burden.


Recently the working group held discussions with representatives from Council who are working on the Horderns Reserve redevelopment project. After a subsequent meeting it was determined that Council will locate two map type signs, one at the wharf, the other at the new park entrance, as part of their plan. Although this is a significant enhancement, it will not address all of the issues that are of concern to the group. Visitors coming to Bundeena Maianbar should have access to all of the Tourist related options in one easy to read document, including private businesses and initiatives. Along with this, the information should be readily available, and consistent with the work that Council is doing.


The best way to display all of the information regarding tourist related activities is to display it in map form. As such, the group has enlisted the assistance of a graphic design artist who will work with Council to keep the maps consistent, while including information about privately run businesses that a visitor would want to know about. A large version of this map will be located at the Service Station, smaller ones located at information centers, (Audley weir, and discussion is taking place with private businesses regarding a local information site), and a pocket sized version which will be available at all of the local business and information sites.


Although the working group has tried to contact all of the tourist related businesses in Bundeena-Maianbar, they may have missed some. This is your opportunity to get involved whether it's by being part of the working group, or simply by supporting the information initiative and getting your business listed on the maps and signs. The group is working on this now, and will have more information on the costs, etc, very soon. In any case, for more information you can either contact Marion at 9523 3758 or if you have web access, go to http://bundeenainfo.com/twg where you can join the biztalk mailing list, ( ), or view some of the things the group is working on and the minutes from their meetings.

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