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The Insider's Guide to the HHSC
Tuesday, 09 May 2006
ImageIn this investigative report we dive the depths of the Port Hacking to track the underwater swimming zealots spotted regularly in the local waters if Bundeena Maianbar.

Bundeena & Maianbar is blessed with an abudance of wildlife both on land and water. Among the marine life spotted inlclude dolphins, whales, sharks and giant groupers. These spottings occur adhocly but another pod of large marine life can be spotted on a monthly basis if you know where to look. This pod of merry swimmers, who refer to themselves as the Harold Holt Swim Club, regularly perform a swimming ritual in rememberance of Australia's mosted dedicated aquatic prime minister. Image 

The Insiders Guide was able to attain exclusive access to rare HHSC archives which provide insight into what some locals have referred to as a undewater cult. The HHSC Manifesto follows:

Swim in school formation, a million extinct fishery species can't be wrong.

Ethos: The credo of the Harold Holt Swim Club: "Not a race, just a long time in the bath together.". Harold Holt swim events move as a sea-going congregation: A fleet of however able-bodied vessels moving near the pace of the slowest, in order to  arrive as a functional collective, instead of every dog for his or herself. To disciples of the free market and delusionary level playing fields, a Harold Holt swim is economic irrationalism of the very worst kind, - there are no winners, and no losers, neither are there any rules or rulers. Observable buddy systems nourish a Harold Holt swim. More capable amphibians may pair off and leave the more viscous among us to move mob-like through their slip-streamble wakes. It's licorice all sorts, all sizes, shapes, plus sexes together in one group-leveraged, iron-person event bush walking in the sea. To those who participate, a Harold Holt swim is safety in numbers, (statiscally anyway, read "comfort in numbers"). To those that survive, the event becomes a shared sense of exhilaration upon it's accomplishment. But most of a all (lest we ever forget, not a laughing matter), a Harold Holt swim is inevitably that solemn moment where we come together to honour the most memorable achievement of an Australian politician in prime ministerial office, his own depature from this life.... The Harold Holt Swim Club (Port Hacking Chapter) a club without premises, we meet in the water.

The following map outlines the migratory path of the HHSC clan.


                        Anniversary of Harolds Demise
                                   December 2005
                                 Winter Solstice
                                      June 2005

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