Royal National Park Australia Day Access

Bonnie Vale Full
National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has revised traffic access for the Royal National Park on Australia Day (26 January) to ensure the safety of visitors, residents and staff and to minimise delays.

NPWS Regional Manager, Mike Patrick said Australia Day is one of the busiest days of the year in the Park and arrangements needed to be in place to manage the large numbers of visitors.

“We’re expecting more than 10,000 visitors on the day, and as areas in the park reach capacity they will be closed. This is for public safety and to ensure that those already in the park can enjoy their day,” Mr Patrick said.

“We are asking people to arrive early to ensure that they can get a park and find a spot to spend the day.”

Mr Patrick said that it was expected:

  • Bonnie Vale would be full by 8.00 – 9:00 am
  • Wattamolla would be full by 9:00 – 10:00 am
  • Garie would be full by 10:00 – 11:00 am
  • Audley will remain open but visitors may have to travel via the Waterfall entrance

“NSW Police will endeavour to keep open the Farnell Avenue entrance to Royal National Park on Australia Day to facilitate access for visitors to the Park, and for the Bundeena and Maianbar communities.

“However if traffic congestion in Bundeena becomes unmanageable, Police will initiate controlled access, firstly at the intersection of Maianbar and Bundeena Roads, then if necessary a closure at the intersection of Farnell Ave and the Princes Highway.

“Should the closures be necessary, residents and their guests will still be able to access Bundeena and Maianbar via McKell Ave. Similarly park visitors will be able to access Audley, including the boatshed and Weir Cafe.

“While we realise this is an inconvenience to residents, any such closure is not undertaken lightly. NSW Police and Transport Roads and Maritime Services (RMS – formerly RTA) are concerned about the impact on traffic on the Princes Highway and access for Emergency Services if required.”

Mr Patrick said NPWS had been working closely with NSW Police to minimise impact, particularly for residents and local businesses.

“Over Christmas there were some concerns by residents about access for them and their visitors and we have confirmed arrangements with the Police and RMS to ensure visiting friends and relatives will have access to residences in Bundeena and Maianbar,” he said.

“However, the best solution and to avoid delays is for residents who are expecting visitors to advise them to arrive early – certainly before 10.00 am.”

NPWS will be advising the public of road closures and the status of our primary destinations via large electronic signs on the highway and through the media with traffic updates.

There will also be information on the Royal National Park webpage and we encourage people to follow us on Twitter at where we’ll be providing regular updates on closures and traffic conditions.

Roger Bell
9995 6484 or 9995 5347
NSW National Parks Wildlife Service

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