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If it stacks up
Monday, 09 March 2009

Nathan Rees Questioned
Questions on ambulance services in Bundeena Maianbar put NSW Premier Nathan Rees on the back foot.

The questions came about at the recent Sutherland Shire Community Cabinet meeting which was hosted by Local MP Paul Mcleay with NSW Premier Nathan Reese along with other cabinet members who were in attendance. Members from various community groups were invited to the presentation to discuss issues of local significance. These issues included: local planning, transport and roads, graffiti and public safety along with disablities and supported accommodation. 

During a Q&A session with the Premier the question regarding ambulance services was raised by Ray Singleton of the Ambulance Action Group. 

Ambulance Action Group Question Transcript 

"Bundeena has a population of 2500 swelling to 5000 in summer and receives most of the 5 million Royal National Park visitors It has no ambulance station, no police station and a part-time doctor   Kangaroo Valley NSW has a population of 1300 with some summer swell and moderate visitor numbers It has an ambulance station with a part-time doctor , a police station and also a full-time doctor   Bundeena community was told by ASNSW that only one NSW community with a smaller population had an ambulance station. We have identified seventeen other such smaller communities - and they are not in Metropolitan Sydney ! 

Labour MP Paul McLeay has not backed the community's request for an ambulance station nor the October 2008 Parliamentary Inquiry recommendation for a 24/7 ambulance station. And he and his young family live in Bundeena !   John Della Bosca was asked to implement the 24/7 ambulance station recommendation at your 8th December forum. He would reply in a couple of weeks.   

The question, Premier, is this, can you please cut through the mis-information and the lethargy and implement Parliamentary Inquiry Recommendation 37 for a 24/7 ambulance station to protect Bundeena and all its visitors ?

In his repsonse the Premier said he did not know the specifics of the ambulance concerns but said he was prepared to discuss it further. A followup discussion ensued with the Premier  and members of the Ambulance Action Group and a committment was made to have a further meeting arranged with the group and Terry Clout the Chief Executive of South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Health. At the end of the discussion the Premier said "if it stacks up it goes into the budget process."  
Nathan Rees Discussion
Click play to listen to Premier's response
(1 min 26 sec)

<BGSOUND src="http://bundeenainfo.com/images/stories/audio/nathan-rees-response.mp3">

Meanwhile the Liberals, who's represantatives John Ajaka and Jillian Skinner attendended several public meetings to discuss the concerns, favour an ambulance station in Bundeena but as of yet have not committed to it as an election promise.

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To cast your vote in our ambulance services survery click here

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Ambulance Services Poll 2
Will ambulance services in Bundeena Maianbar be a voting factor for you in the next State election?
16   27.59%
42   72.41%
Which party do you think would provide better ambulance services in Bundeena Maianbar?
5   8.62%
16   27.59%
   Won't make a difference which party is in power
37   63.79%

Number of Voters  : 58

Previous Poll Results

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Ambulance Services Poll
Ambulance services in Bundeena Maianbar are acceptable?
17   29.31%
41   70.69%
An ambulance station (shared or dedicated building) should be based in Bundeena?
16   27.59%
42   72.41%
Ambulance Service NSW should make special rostering arrangements to service Bundeena Maianbar?
16   27.59%
42   72.41%

Number of Voters  : 58

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