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Greens Back Bundeena Ambulance
Friday, 12 June 2009

Lee Rhiannon of the NSW State Greens has come out in Parliament to support a recent inquiry recommendation for improved amublance services in Bundeena Maianbar.

Rhiannon delivered the following speech in Parliament on June 3rd of this year.


A local ambulance presence is urgently needed to service Bundeena-Maianbar and the surrounding national park. I commend the Bundeena-Maianbar Ambulance Action Group on its work on behalf of the local community and all visitors to this beautiful area. A case for a dedicated local 24-hour ambulance service has been established. The number of emergency call-outs to the area is increasing at a rate of approximately 20 per cent per annum. Each year approximately four million visitors come to the bush surrounding the Bundeena and Maianbar villages, which is a well-known national park, and to the beaches accessed through the park. A national park camping site operates in one of the villages and attracts many summer visitors.

Many accidents occur when visitors come to the area, which is another reason for a dedicated 24-hour ambulance service. Many other places in New South Wales with much smaller populations and fewer visitors have dedicated ambulance stations and services. The Bundeena-Maianbar villages have all the disadvantages of a rural area without government recognition or compensation. Dr Tamsin Clarke has informed me that when she and her colleagues met with Greg Rochford and Jeff Gilchrist from the Ambulance Service on 4 May 2009 at the office of the local member of Parliament, Paul McLeay, their requests for a 24-hour ambulance service in Bundeena did not receive a favourable response.

These two representatives argued that emergency call-outs to Bundeena, Maianbar and the Royal National Park form such a small percentage of the ambulance call-outs over the South Sydney area that the Ambulance Service would never be able to justify spending more funds on these services, even though the response time to the area is about 30 minutes and time to hospital is at least 60 minutes—well outside the target times for the Sydney metropolitan area, let alone best practice. The ambulance action group has put a strong case for why the Ambulance Service, given the need to service all areas, should ask for special funding for this area. The Legislative Council's report on the New South Wales Ambulance Service recommended:

            That the Ambulance Service of NSW provide a dedicated ambulance service in Bundeena, consisting of an ambulance station or a car stationed with 24 hour rostered cover.

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Will ambulance services in Bundeena Maianbar be a voting factor for you in the next State election?
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5   8.62%
16   27.59%
   Won't make a difference which party is in power
37   63.79%

Number of Voters  : 58

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