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Empty beaches but still no dogs
Tuesday, 17 March 2009

By Deborah Dawson

What is most apparent since council started this ghastly fines business is that Bundeena beaches are empty now. During school hours  there will be no one on Horderns - not a sausage. Even over the past  (hot) weekend, beach-goer numbers were down significantly.

We have not been to the beach in three weeks - well, not before 10pm,  anyway.

Dog owners out on a daily stroll were probably the most consistent and regular users of the village's beaches. The vast majority carried leads, kept a close watch on their pets and cleaned up poop (and a whole lot more).

The odd dog that roamed and might have made a nuisance of itself still roams. If there is a problem dog, by all means tackle that problem. Don't punish us all.

If this nonsense persists we might as well sell up and return to Newtown. At least there we could stroll the dogs down King Street and let them romp in the churchyard or exercise in the dog park. Here, on a week day, though the beaches are empty, we get to walk our boys around the block.

The vast majority of dog owners are paying for the failings of a few - and it stinks.

These are OUR dogs, OUR villages, OUR rates and taxes and OUR simple pleasures. Let's fight this every inch of the way.

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