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Bundeena Wharf Upgrade Update
Wednesday, 21 January 2009
Cronulla Wharf from water
While the wharf upgrade is completed at Cronulla the Bundeena upgrade is lagging behind.

The new wharf at Cronulla now has three access ramps. The larger middle ramp provides main access to passengers while the two smaller ones on either side will provide disabled access. There are still some items to complete but the new wharf has been in operation for over a month.

Cronulla Wharf from ramps
Cronulla Wharf from park

Meanwhile things have progressed slowly on the Bundeena side. A temporary wharf has been erected for a couple of months now but has not seen any use. Concerns have been raised by Cronulla Ferries operator Carl Rogan about the plans to incorporate the disabled access ramp using the same existing width as for the main access. He's disappointed that disabled passengers including those with prams and bicycles will have to give way to regular passengers first while they disembark and board. Rogan also thinks things would operate better if the number of landings planned were doubled from five to ten. The existing landings he feels at 6 metres are oversized and could be halved to increase their number.

Bundeena Wharf with crane closeupBundeena Wharf with crane

Both of the new wharves were originally planned to be completed by Christmas but it looks like it will be another couple of months before the Bundeena one is ready.

Bundeena Wharf with crane and ferry

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