Bundeena Wharf Upgrade Approved

State and Council governments will be funding a $1.4 million dollar upgrade of the Cronulla and Bundeena wharves.

Bundeena Wharf Loading

The upgrade will be the first in almost ninety years. Within the last year Sutherland Council has had to make repairs to the existing wharf to keep it in use but it’s still at risk of suffering major damage if a large enough swell hit.

The funding is primarily due to the efforts of Councillor Bob Spencer and State MP Paul McLeay both of who reside in Bundeena. Councillor Spencer who chairs Council’s Infrastructure, Works and Emergency Services Committee progressed things from the Council end. MP McLeay liaised with other MPs in the Sutherland Shire along with the Minister of Transport John Watkins for the allocation of State funding.


Both levels of government funding were required even though normally the State funds all public transport. Councillor Spencer questions why this is not the case for┬áthe Cronulla and Bundeena wharves. This is not the first time wharf funding has been shared and makes it likely it won’t be the last. So for now both levels of government will fund $700,000 each with Council to absorb any cost overruns.

Now that funding has been allocated a call for tenders for the construction of the wharves will begin and is expected to take 3 to 4 months. Once construction begins it is expected to take 6 months to complete. To accommodate local commuters and visiting tourists who rely on the ferry service a temporary wharf may be set up and/or supplemented with a bus service.

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