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Bundeena RFS January Report
Friday, 08 January 2010

The latest update from Bundeena's Rural Fire Service.

An exciting and busy couple of months

The forecasts for a long and dangerous bushfire season have thankfully to date not eventuated in and around Bundeena, but sadly this has not been the case for the rest of NSW. From the rapidly moving wildfires that struck Sydney at Londonderry, which saw trucks from the Sutherland shire involved in active property protection all around Western Sydney, to the devastating loss of life and homes around Bathurst, Michelago, Albury and over in Western Australia, the  terrible realities of a dry Australian Summer have hit many people in our country.

Our brigade has had one of its busiest years in terms of call outs for some time, and has seen an unprecedented number of calls for assistance to other areas in NSW to assist local fire-fighters to contain numerous outbreaks that persist to occur in these unusually dry times. Recently, our brigade has been called upon to provide crews to:

  • Glen Innes
  • Tamworth- including the Pera fire
  • Narrabri local shire
  • Bingara local shire- including the Diamond Swamp Complex

Santa Claus visits Bundeena 2009

At these fires, Bundeena crews were directly fighting flames and smoke to defend homes, livestock and farming machinery against the unrelenting fire fronts. With erratic winds causing multiple spot fires to break out around us and dealing with nearly no water due to prolonged drought, fire-fighting was extremely difficult. However, thankfully our crews were successfully in there endeavours and left the areas making new friends with fellow fire-fighters and grateful residents. These multiple deployments do place large demands on volunteers work and family life, with many going without pay to assist their fellow countrymen in need.

In our own backyard, on Christmas Eve Santa Claus took time out of his busy schedule to pay the children of Bundeena a visit on board one of our fire trucks. The delighted faces of surprised and excited children were only matched by their joy when they received lollies from Santa and got to confirm that Santa had not forgotten their Christmas wish list. Members of the Bundeena Rural Fire Brigade assisted Santa in handing out the lollies and ensured that everyone got to meet up with Santa. Once again, the IGA proudly supported Santa Claus and our brigade by donating all the lollies that Santa handed out. We are very appreciative that out local IGA continues to support our brigade and the community with these community events.


The community we help helps us, Thank You.

On the subject of community support, we are also extremely proud and honoured to announce the substantial donation by the IGA to the Bundeena Rural Fire Brigade under the community chest program. Each year, John and Maria from the IGA have chosen our brigade to donate the proceeds of the community chest in an act to support a local volunteer charity in their efforts to help the community. The community chest program works when people purchase items marked by the community chest label. A percentage of the total price of the item is then placed in the community chest account, for the IGA to then donate. We at the Bundeena Rural Fire Brigade would like to warmly thank John and Maria, The IGA and finally the community at large for their support and extremely generous donation. Donations such as these allow the brigade to purchase essential equipment, such as additional lengths of hose, and extra nozzles.

We are also humbled to announce that we have also recently a number of donations from residents in the local community. A number of these residents have donated to our brigade for a number of years, and we would like to public thank each and every one of you for your continued and ongoing support of your local volunteer fire-fighters, and for helping to keep your community safe.

On the subject of community support, we would also warmly thank and public acknowledge the generous people of Bunning’s Caringbah. Bunning’s recently donated a large number of “Christmas presents” to our brigade include a new power drill, to replace our veteran 15 year drill.  Donations of equipment such as this allow the brigade to instead spend more money on providing better services to our local community. The longstanding relationship with Bunning’s is much appreciated and we hope that people continue to support the local businesses that support your local volunteer fire brigade.

The weather outlook

While regions of North West NSW saw a dramatic turn from severe droughts to flooding rains, Bundeena at the most only saw 60 odd mm of rain. The weather forecasts from the BoM indicate a 50/50 chance of either suffering a lack of rain and high temperatures, or higher rainfalls and mild temperatures. It will only take a few days of warm, windy days and we will be in a very delicate position. It is important that residents that take the possibility of a return to dangerous fire conditions seriously and ensure that they are adequately prepared. Since our last online newsletter, a number of residents have already visited their local fire station and picked up some important information packs relating to their bushfire survival plans and changes to the fire danger rating system. Don’t become a statistic, and think that it can’t happen to you. Drop down and visit us at our fire station, the one with the fire danger sign opposite the servo on Sundays after 9AM and talk to our experienced fire officers on what you and your family can do to PREPARE ACT SURVIVE this fire season.


Should residents wish to find out more on the PREPARE ACT SURVIVE campaign, please visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au and follow the links. Available online includes:

  • An online bushfire risk assessment tool for your home
  • A guide to creating your own bushfire survival plan
  • Further information regarding incidents, total fire bans and more information on bushfire safety

We hope you have a safe year and remember to make sure you’re prepared this fire season by checking your family’s bushfire survival plan is complete. Fires don’t care with your lived in Bundeena for 1 day or 100 years, anybody in the fire impact areas can be at risk. Don’t be silly and risk your family safety, visit your local volunteer fire-fighters and the RFS website.


Bundeena Bushfire Brigade

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