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Bundeena's NSW Fire Brigade
Monday, 09 February 2009
Bundeena NSW Fire Brigade in action
Looking for adventure? The Bundeena chapter of the NSW Fire Brigade can offer plenty including snake handling!

In November 1970 the New South Wales Fire Brigades opened a fire station in Bundeena. The crew of this station was made up of local residents called Retained Fire Fighters. Today the crew of 13 are still made up of local men and women Retained Fire Fighters. These Fire Fighters have other primary sources of income and are called out to respond to emergencies by pagers on their days off. They are paid a monthly retainer and an hourly rate for every job they attend.

The crew members respond to a wide variety of calls from Structure and Bushfires to Rescue and Medical First Response. They also support and assist other emergency agencies such as the Ambulance Service and Rural Fire Service. They are even trained to catch and relocate snakes!

The crew also actively participate in community education with open days and displays, Smoke alarm battery replacement for the elderly, school education programs and train the four NSWFB Community Fire Units in Bundeena.

The Fire Fighters are fully trained by the NSWFB in Fire fighting, Rescue and First Aid and attend regular training drills both locally and at NSWFB training facilities. Some consider them as almost the 1 stop shop for emergency service in Bundeena Township, however they can and do respond throughout the Royal National Park for  some emergencies as well .

If you are interesting becoming a retained Fire Fighter and gaining some additional life skills, you must be over 18 years of age, have daytime availability, live or work in Bundeena and have a passion for helping the community. Please see the NSWFB website www.nswfb.nsw.gov.au and follow the links to retained recruitment for more info. An information night will be held on 18th Feb between 7 – 9 PM at Station 80 located at 48 Bundeena Drive.

The NSWFB encourages all persons to apply including women and persons from an indigenous or culturally diverse background.

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