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Monday, 31 August 2009

Cunningham Electoral Map
Bundeena Maianbar is one step closer to moving to a new Federal electoral seat based outside of Sutherland Shire.

The change in Federal seats was suggested by both  Federal Labor and Liberal parties in May of this year in submissions to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). After reviewing suggestions and public comments on suggestions the AEC published a Proposed Redistribution Report in early August. The public has until Friday September 4th to provide the AEC with comments on the  proposed redistribution.

The current impact of the proposal on Bundeena Maianbar is that they will be moved from the Federal seat of Cook currently held by the Liberal's Scott Morrison to the Federal seat of Cunningham held by Labor's  Sharon Bird.

Cook Electoral MapCunningham Electoral Map

One obvious impact of the change is that residents will have to travel farther to visit their MP in person. Given Bundeena Maianbar's existing links with Sutherland Shire including geographical proximity, being part of it's local council along with transportation via the ferry to Cronulla, communication links via the Sydney 02 area code and mail services via the 2230 postal code the existing seat of Cook seems more aligned with these interests.

The Bundeena Progress Association has written a strong objection to the proposed redistribution as indicated in their letter below.

Bundeena Progress Association
Bundeena/Maianbar Precinct Residents' Association
PO Box 3030
Bundeena NSW 2230

27 August 2009

Redistribution Committee for NSW
Haymarket NSW 2000

Dear Commissioners,

Objection to the proposal to move Bundeena/Maianbar from the electorate of Cook to the electorate of Cunningham.

This proposal would be a decidedly retrograde step, as it would result in the diminution of the right of residents to federal representation.

The following reasons are submitted in support of our objection:
1, There is no community of interest between Bundeena and Wollongong

2. The two electorates are separated by the Royal National Park

3. The escarpment commencing at Stanwell tops is an effective physical deterrent

4. Bundeena has strong links with Cronulla in particular and Sutherland Shire in general.

5. Residents shop, go to doctors and hospitals, attend sporting activities, have business commitments and visit their Member of Parliament in Sutherland Shire. The Member is familiar with the issues and needs of residents.
6. If this proposal were to proceed it would probably result in residents ignoring the member for Cunningham and seeking to continue their association with the member for Cook.  

Yours Sincerely

Neil deNett

Written objections can be lodged with the Australian Electoral Commission no later than 6.00pm on Friday 4 September 2009:

  • in person to Level 3, Roden Cutler House, 24 Campbell Street, Haymarket, NSW, 2000; or
  • or by mail to PO Box K406, Haymarket, NSW, 1240; or
  • or by email to ; or
  • or by facsimile to (02) 9375 6328

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