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Dogs on Beach Petition
Wednesday, 25 February 2009
Bundeena Maianbar

Dog-Owners’ Association Petition

You may have received a Sutherland Shire Council letter dated 20 January 2009, signed by NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service and Sutherland Shire Council stating that … “dogs are not permitted in the areas below the high tide mark ON ALL BEACHES around Bundeena and Maianbar…” (The letter is incorrect as Horden’s Beach remains gazetted as an off-leash beach with time restrictions). You will be fined $330 if you break this law.

Bundeena residents can only exercise dogs off-leash on Horden’s Beach during restricted hours. Maianbar residents have no off-leash area at all. Residents, if accompanied by a dog on a lead, are unable to use the only track access between the two villages (a camping ground that is host to thousands of people).

The letter from Council is the result of an aggressive anti-dog campaign by a vocal minority. It has been ten years since Council consulted with dog-owning residents. Dog-owners vote in local elections, pay rates and have rights. It’s about time we stood-up for them.

We, the undersigned, express our disapproval of the recent changes. We also undertake to keep our dogs under control at all times, away from other beachgoers and property and to remove and dispose of dog poo. We request that Council act forthwith and review the changes. This is what we suggest:

1. Maianbar tidal sand flats (calf-deep water 12hrs a day),  Maianbar Beach (see map overleaf):
Off-leash 24-hours Monday-Friday
Saturday/Sunday: 15:00-08:30

2. Gunyah Beach: off-leash below high tide mark 24-hours a day.

3. Dogs on-leash be allowed to accompany owners on the only public access track between Bundeena and Maianbar, through Bonnie Vale camping ground.

If you wish to support this Petition requesting Council conduct a review and full consultation of all community concerns, please sign below:

The above petition is available at most shops in Bundeena Maianbar and can be signed up to Sunday March 1st after which it will be submitted to Sutherland Shire Council and Nataional Parks and Wildlife Services. For further information contact Julie on 0424 066 707 or Alison on 0412 133 530.
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