Bundeena Fire Station Closures a Lie

NSW State MP for Heathcote Lee Evans says threats of closures for fire stations, including the one at Bundeena, are a complete lie.

Fire Station Closures Threat

Evans’ response was to the recently published article Bundeena Fire Station Closures Threat. Evans stated the following regarding the article:

“This is a complete lie. Tolling has happened since 2008 which was signed off by the Fire and Rescue Union. Nothing is changing this is a Fire and Rescue operational strategy to put resources where they are needed when they are required. When more resources are needed in Bundeena other Fire and Rescue unit are at call for the community. As first responders Fire and Rescue are called out other units cover Bundeena eg; Helensburgh , Scarborough , Sutherland or Engadine. Please don’t be concerned it is a Fire and Rescue Policy no community will be not covered. the NSW Government does not manage day to day operations that is done by the Commissioner and management of Fire and Rescue. Unprecedented Budget allocations of funding is constantly upgrading equipment to the worlds best. In summary nothing is changed from 2008.”

So is there a Threat?

WIN News Illawara televised a special report on Fire & Rescue NSW services in the Helensburgh area. They conducted interviews with various  stakeholders including residents, Leighton Drury from the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union, Wollongong Councillor Leigh Colacino as well as Lee Evans.

The reporter noted that the FRNSW station at Helensburgh on the day was closed. Drury stated that in a fire response if the Helensburgh station is closed then residents will be waiting longer for firefighters to respond as they will be travelling from further away.

FRNSW countered that services are not being reduced and that the stations are close enough. Evans gave the example in the event of Helensburgh station being closed firefighters from the Bundeena station or the one at Revesby could respond.

Based on Google Maps, travel time from Bundeena station to Helensburgh station is 34 minutes and from Revesby station to Helensburgh station is 35 minutes. These travel times may vary with traffic conditions.

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Bundeena Fire Station Closures Threat

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