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Monday, 15 June 2009
Bundeena Dog Rufferendum
By now most residents will be aware of what has become the issue of our times,  no not the GFC but the DOB debate.

Residents have only til June 19th to cast their vote on the dogs on beach ballot being held by Sutherland Council. Council had sent out a letter in May outlining four options to Bundeena Maianbar residents for off-leash dog walking. The first option is to maintain the status quo of limited hours and days on Horderns beach. The second option is to remove all dog off-leash areas all together across Bundeena Maianbar. The third option is to expand to 24 hour access to Horderns beach Monday to Friday. The last option is as the third option to expand hours on Horderns but to also include a new area with similar hours on the Maianbar Foreshore Reserve.

While the expanded hours and areas are welcome news to dog owners it has not proved enough for some. Of contention is the lack of access to the other local beaches as well as the lack of weekend hours. The Bundeena Maianbar Dog Association is pressing for Council to open up access to Gunyah which it has jurisdiction over as well as for Council to approach National Parks & Wildlife Services to provide on-leash access along Bonnie Vale to allow residents to walk their dogs between the two villages. Others have also argued for access to Jibbon which is also under NPWS control. Additionally, the BMDA wants hours expanded to include weekends and public holidays which they feel are best suited for working families.

Residents can submit a vote on the options (or include their own) by mailing in the ballot Council mailed out or by emailing

Council Dogs Off-Leash Consultation Council Dogs Off-Leash Consultation

BMDA Vote Recommendation BMDA Vote Recommendation


Bundeena Info's Dogs on Beach Rufferendum Results 

Select Poll: 

Dogs on Beach Referendum
I favour Sutherland Council's dog off-leash option
   1. Maintain the current time limits on Horderns Beach as an off-leash area. The current limits allow dogs to use the beach off-leash after 4:30pm and before 8:30am Monday to Friday but not at all on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.
3   8.57%
   2. Remove all dog off-leash sites from the Bundeena/Maianbar areas.
3   8.57%
   5. Will specify an alternate option
5   14.29%
   3. Use Horderns Beach as a time limited offleash area but extend the hours to include 24 hours a day Monday to Friday all year, but not at all on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
9   25.71%
   4. Use Horderns Beach as a time limited offleash area and extend the locations to include an area of the Maianbar Foreshore Reserve north east from the jetty adjacent to Park Road around Constable Point until the Western boundary of the Royal National Park at Bonnie Vale, and extend the hours to include 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, all year, but not at all on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
15   42.86%
I am a dog owner
14   43.75%
18   56.25%

Number of Voters  : 35

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