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Bundeena Break-Ins Alert
Monday, 17 November 2008


Word has spread of a spree of break-ins around Bundeena with one local claiming to have seen an attempt in progresss but Sutherland police have not had an increase in reports.

Over the last few weeks word of mouth talk amongst residents is that there has been a spike in the number of break-ins in the Bundeena area. Though unsubstantiated there are claims of upto 40 break-in attempts over the last two months. Amongst the attempts was one at a weekend holiday house on Gunyah though the would be theives were scared off by a burglar alarm. Another attempt occurred at a popular Bundeena B&B which took place at night while the owners were asleep.

One anonymous resident claims to have seen a suspicious person lurking about Eric St in the early hours of a week night. The resident's concerns compelled them to write a warning letter giving an account of the ongoings on the night and then letterbox dropped it to neighbouring houses on the street. In the letter (see scanned image below) the resident was awoken by a van pulling up onto Eric St. According to the resident the driver started "casing the area" and was seen inspecting a number of vehicles as well as various houses. No attempt was made to call police on the fear that they would be seen by the would be burglar.

The concern of a crime spree in Bundeena though was news to police. Accroding to Constable Pardoe of Sutherland Police Station there has been no recorded increase in break-ins in Bundeena during the last month compared with previous months. Furthermore, he added the number of crimes in Bundeena compared with other areas in the Shire was relatively low. Constable Pardoe recommended if residents see a crime in progress they should dial 000 or if after the fact they should report the incident to police by ringing 9542 0899.

Bundeena crime spree fact or fiction? If you know of any reported break-ins or crimes let us know at

For further information on preventing crime see Bundeenea Watch

For larger view click on letter

Warning Letter

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