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BPA Newsletter - Sept 2006
Saturday, 30 September 2006


  • Tourism Working Group
  • Mower Tips
  • Get well Messages
  • Roadworks


Peter Fielder has been commissioned to design the wharves at Bundeena and Cronulia. His presentation at the meeting will include the preliminary design of Bundeena wharf. Council wants to involve the BundeenalMaianbar community in the planning process for the wharves and you are invited to make suggestions and ask questions.


The amended plans for the corner store site (amended DA 04/1213) are now on exhibition for your comment. Clr Spencer requested an extension of time and it will run until 2.1 'September.

The council is opposing the amended plans for three main reasons:
excessive residential floorspace, insufficient parking and out of character with the village.

At the hearing on 4 August, the court gave directions to the developer that it would approve 80% residential flats and 20% shops on the site. "It also advised that excavation (excess of 5000 cubic metres) is not a problem, that the views from adjacent residential neighbours (Mr and Mrs Kelly) are not important, three storeys OK (can be disguised by landscaping). The commissioners agreed the design was suitable for Bundeena.

The Progress Association does not support this plan.

It believes that there should be a balanced development that complies with the Bundeena/ Maianbar Development Control Plan (DCP): fewer flats, some increase in commercial area and more open space, resulting in an over-all smaller development.

This development application is undesirable for Bundeena as it is an unbalanced proposal with 80% flats whereas our current DCP limits the residential portion of a development in our shopping centre to be 0%. The Association suppons an improved,re-vitalized and viable shopping centre that will be attractive to customers. Businesses and shoppers would benefit.

Some people may believe that a quite small development, say two shops and two flats, would be a more desirable outcome on this site. However, it would be difficult to argue in court for a lesser development than is permitted by the current DCP, as council prepared the document at the request of residents. It permits a Floor Space Ratio of.7:1 and the residential floorspace not to exceed 50% of the building area. The court has already given directions that it will look favourably on development that exceeds that permitted by the current controls.

The plan is for a predominantly residential flat development, located on what is arguably the prime commercial site in Bundeena and the entry point for visitors coming by ferry to Bundeena and the Royal National Park.

It is essential that you write to council, and make your views known.

The commissioners have given every indication that they will approve this development.

We need to tell them much louder it's Bundeena, not Bondi.


The association wrote to the RT A commending them on the work done clearing the road verges along Sir Bertram Stevens Drive. It is a big improvement for safety and is easier to spot animals that hop onto the road at the wrong time.

It was reported that police were photographing cars crossing the weir when the barriers were up. The water level was quite low and not rushing over.

In the good old days, when the weir seemed to flood more often, no such deterrents existed. And it was a long way round via Stanwell Tops, as there was no Joan Holland Bridge at Waterfall Causeway.

Drivers would remove the (an belt, cover the distributor-with plastic, and put a tube on the exhaust pipe. It was a challenge to see who could cross first. Water a foot deep was no problem. Sometimes opposite doors had to be opened to let the water through to prevent the car going over the edge. (No one was lost. There were always willing helpers) .

As cars had drum brakes then, you were in trouble if you did not dry the brakes out before needing them. Many a bump happened at the highway intersection, when brakes were first used by the unwary. Someone should write a book about Bundeena's early adventurers.

Tourism Working Group 

The Bundeena Maianbar Tourism Working Group is asking for assistance with the development of a logo that can be used by local tourism-related businesses to help promote their products. Research has shown that a catchy logo can help draw attention to a product. Residents of Bundeena and Maianbar are welcome to send their suggested logos to the working group, by email: , or by mail: Tourism Working Group, c/o Bundeena Progress Association, p.a. Box 3030, Bundeena.

Comments are requested by October 10th, 2006, and will be discussed at a meeting of local tourism operators on October 20th, 2006. Details of this meeting will be announced shortly.

For more information please contact Maureen Keller 9544 1333

Mower Tips

If you haven't used your lawn mower since last season, it may be a good idea to drain out any old fuel and replace with fresh petrol (plus oil if it is a two stroke) Four stroke engines need to have the_engine oil changed regularly. Do this when the engine is hot, but be careful not to get burnt. Clean the air filter and put in a new spark plug. Check the blades and the blade bolts and replace if worn. Always tip the mower so the carby is up, to prevent it filling with oil. Remove the spark plug lead before starting any work on the mower.

Get well Messages

We wish a speedy recovery for Paul and Marilyn Griffiths. Marilyn is home now, but Paul is still in St George hospital. Marilyn donated one of her kidneys to Paul, so that he will be able to live normally without having to use a dialysis machine. Paul is a past president of the Progress Association and is currently secretary of the Bundeena RSL sub-branch.

Marilyn is a treasure. What a wonderful and dedicated couple.

Margaret Keller is in hospital and we wish her well. Her garden is in good hands, her neighbour, Bill Sinclair, is looking after it for her


The road reconstruction of Short St has started. Clr Spencer has been lobbying for this work for a long time and is pleased to advise us today that the council workers are on the job.

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