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BPA Newsletter - Feb 2006
Saturday, 11 March 2006


  • What is Bundeena Progress Association?
  • What has BPA achieved over the years?
  • How does BPA operate? Who speaks for BPA?
  • What are community views about development in our village centre?


AGM Will be held at BUNDEENA COMMUNITY CENTRE HALL on Saturday 25 February 2006 at 2PM.  The AGM and the election of office bearers will take place prior to the general  meeting.  Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting and join us for afternoon tea at its  conclusion.

PIease -note: All other monthly general meetings  are  held on the last  Tuesday of the  month at the Community Centre Hall at 7.30 pm


Decisions on the three development proposals for Brighton St shopping centre are now in the hands of the Land and Environment Court. At the time of printing, one case has been partially heard, one has been completed and the last will commence on 19 April 2006. The application for the IGA site before Senior Commissioner Roseth was held over to allow revised plans to be submitted. The case will resume on 27 February 2006.

The BMA site (36-40 Brighton St) hearing is complete and Commissioner Brown has reserved his decision.

The Park Store site hearing (Corner store) has been set for 19 April 2006. This development application is sure to arouse a great deal of interest in the community, as it is the largest of the three, and is the gateway site to Bundeena from the ferry.

The Association will be actively participating in the process and welcomes any offers of help and support. Please ring Jeff 9523 0083, Tamsin 95238093, Neil 9523 9520.


Proposed by Alan Peterson. 95231-391

'To consider the formation of a committee to consider & put into action ideas leading towards village health & harmony, specifically such ideas as would promote:

1. Valuing & supporting one another.
2. Security & harmony in the village.
3. A sense of purpose & unity together. '


Over the past 12 months or so villagers have approached me with a variety of concerns of vital importance for the health & happiness of villagers & our community. As individuals its hard to know what to do, but together we can not only support one another, we can find answers, together.

We currently have the Council'Safety Audit' as a platform for positive progress.

Increasingly I hear of concerns about drugs on the increase; fear among some elderly folk; graffiti & public damage; wheelies; children not walking to school due to parental fear; tree & environmental damage; dangerous driving etc.

So I think there are enough concerned people to sustain a new committee to look at the issues. We could look at reporting to police; tree care; village awareness & pride; a welcoming place; Neighborhood Watch; clean up; GP's; needs of the elderly, kids & other special groups; support other groups & activities in their efforts; etc.


We have received a large number of complaints about deer knocking over garbage bins and spreading rubbish around. This seems to occur mostly at the eastern end of Bundeena. Clr Spencer arranged for a council officer to address a recent meeting of the association, and it was agreed that council would change the pick-up times of RED garbage bins at the eastern end to after 7am. This would allow residents to put their bins out in the morning instead of the night before.

This system has been operating for some weeks now and we would welcome any feedback from residents about its effectiveness.


Plans have been submitted for houses on Lots 7 to 10 of the subdivision development on the old Uniting Church site and have been notified by Council to neighbours. We have not received any adverse comments on these plans and we are. pleased to say that the view is that they blend in with Bundeena's residential landscape. . DA reference is 05/1630.

Next Monday evening 27th February 2006 the Bowling Club holds a Special General Meeting asking all members for their input about how it can best continue operating.

Pizzas are now available at the Club from Thursday evening to Sunday and Thursdays are special Pizza and Pasta nights with loads of food for $12 per adult.

As our AGM draws near once more, we have provided some background information about Bundeena Progress Association for residents.

What is Bundeena Progress Association?

It's a group that started 65 years ago to lobby for much-needed improvements to Bundeena services and infrastructure. Maianbar has its own Progress Association.

When Council set up a Bundeena/Maianbar Precinct Residents' Association (PRA) several years ago, BPA and PRA were combined.

What has BPA achieved over the years?

Through its lobbying with both Council and State government, BPA has supported or brought
to fulfillment many major improvements to the area and promoted many activities including:

  • the road we use every day: constructed in 1957 and sealed in 1961.
  • the bridge at Waterfall, so we don't have to drive via Helensburgh when the causeway floods .
  • paying for and constructing the main oval at the community centre land in 1972
  • the electricity service and the water supply
  • the monster clean-up of Bundeena Drive - and supported struggling local businesses by lobbying for the Park to be re-opened - after the1994 bushfires
  • improvements to footpaths, lighting, the wharf and roadworks (a continuing fight!) saving the old wharf waiting shed
  • stopping Council plans to make Bundeena Creek a concrete drain.

How does BPA operate? Who speaks for BPA?

BPA/ PRA is open to everyone who lives here or owns land here. You don't have to 'join up'. It has monthly meetings on the last Tuesday of every month, 7.30 pm at the Community Hall, and occasional larger public meetings. Everyone who attends is free to speak.

Whoever comes to those meetings 'is' BPA. It's the views and the votes at those meetings that are the 'BPA' views which are expressed from time to time by the elected officers such as the President and Secretary.

For example, when the BPA Secretary was giving evidence at one of the recent Land and Environment Court hearings, he was asked by the Council's solicitor if his submission was "the view of the members attending a meeting?" and he confirmed that it was. He also clarified in a written submission that forms part of the court record that he was speaking only for those members who attend meetings.

Where BPA makes written submissions on development issues to Council or writes letters about anything, this is always through a person or sub-committee that has been authorized by a BPA meeting to do those things, except where some unforeseen event happens. In that case, an extraordinary meeting will be called of the appropriate sub-committee, or any action that needs to be taken will be put to the next meeting for ratification.

BPA members and elected officials are not 'anti-progress' quite the contrary, as the list of BPA achievements shows.  Those people who come to and speak at BPA meetings generally support development that improves the area, adds to our unique 'village character' and complies with planning rules.

The planning rules for Bundeena were developed over many years with much community consultation. This means that, in so far as it promotes compliance with the relevant planning regulations, BP A is reflecting those community views that became expressed in the planning regulations. There is always room for improvement, and all ideas about how the regulations could be improved are very welcome.

What are community views about development in our village centre?

In relation to development issues, is BP A out of line with what the concerns expressed by the
rest of the Bundeena community? On the basis of the following, it would seem that it is not.

Several years ago, Sutherland Council surveyed what kind of development people wanted in Bundeena. It has also regularly invited submissions on various changes to planning regulations.

The replies to the survey indicated that people in Bundeena overwhelmingly wanted. development that maintains - and improves - Bundeena's village character: small scale, green spaces, pedestrian-friendly. What in Europe they call a 'slow village'.

There are many people who have spoken and acted about development issues in this community in the last few years who are not regular BPA members.

Hundreds of letters were sent to Council about the Corner Store site development proposals. At the time, this was the greatest number ever received by Council about a single development. Most of these letters were not from regular BPA attenders.

In July 2005 BPA held a public meeting at short notice on a Saturday afternoon about development in Bundeena which was attended by local politicians from all levels of government - Council, State and Federal. There were over 300 present in the audience and the 4 main motions (basically, for development that maintains and improves the village character) were adopted unanimously.

Later last year, Bundeena residents marched on the Council Chambers and protested at State Parliament about development issues. Both were important events that raised the profile of this area with the politicians who can affect our lives. State Opposition Ministers subsequently came to visit Bundeena, as did Minister Frank Sartor. None of these events was organised by BPA.

So it seems that there are quite a few other p.eople in Bundeena, not just .those involved with BPA, who are also concerned about the future development of this area, and that in expressing similar views, BPA is not out of line with current community concerns. And If you think it is, please tell us! 

For all enquiries about items in this newsletter contact Helen Vogt 9523 8568

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