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BPA Meeting Minutes - 2009-04-30
Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bundeena Progress Association

Meeting Minutes - April 30th 2009

Attendance as per attendance book  9 Persons


Lorraine Kerse, Larni Kellerher, Zel Jandic, Steve Greening, Neil deNett


Helen Vogt read the minutes of the meeting held on 31 March 2009.
Helen Vogt asked that the minutes be amended to note that Lorraine Kerse and Larni Kelleher offered to assist with next year’s Clean Up Australia activity in Bundeena.
Moved that the minutes be adopted.
Moved Helen Vogt, seconded John Gawthorn.  Carried.

Business Arising

It was noted that the double line markings on Sir Bertram Stevens Drive have been adjusted.
John Gawthorn reported on issues connected with the wharf.
Moya Turner reported an attack on Bundeena House on the night of Sunday 26 April and Alan Petersen reported on a disturbance and anti-social behaviour in the shopping area on the afternoon of the same day.

Moved that letters be sent to the Police and Sutherland Shire Council about these incidents and about vandalism and graffiti in the area and the Council be asked who is responsible for maintaining signs and removing graffiti.
Moved Moya Turner, seconded Alan Petersen.  Carried.

Treasurers Report

Maureen Keller tabled a report showing a balance of $1,424.50.
Moved that the treasurer's report be accepted.
Moved Maureen Keller, seconded Alan Petersen.  Carried.

Correspondence Inwards

Moved that a letter be sent to the Sutherland Bush Fire Management Committee noting that the NSW Rural Fire Service has advised that our letter to it has been forwarded to the Fire Management Committee and asking what action is being taken by the Committee particularly in relation to the bushland at Morgans Hill, Spring Gully and the south and west flanks of Bundeena.
Moved John Gawthorn, seconded Alan Petersen.  Carried.

The Hall Hire Form which had been received from Council was passed to Maureen Keller for completion.

Moved that inwards correspondence be accepted.
Moved Anne Carrick seconded, Bernard Swan.  Carried

Correspondence Outwards

Moved that a letter drafted by Helen Vogt about the status of the wharf construction be sent to Sutherland Shire Council.
Moved Helen Vogt, seconded Maureen Keller.  Carried.

Moved that a letter be sent to Sutherland Shire Council regarding the unsatisfactory nature of the Council’s general communications about issues that are of concern to Bundeena Progress Association and Bundeena and Maianbar communities.
Moved Helen Vogt, seconded John Gawthorn.  Carried.

Moved that outward correspondence be endorsed.
Moved Tom Ledden, seconded Alan Petersen.  Carried.

Committee Reports

Alan Petersen reported that there had been no further action on the Safety Audit.

General Busines

Moved that as Federal Government Grants are being made available for local roadworks, the Bundeena Progress Association seek to have drainage work (which was referred to in earlier correspondence) done in Bournemouth Street and the upgrading of Bundeena drive completed.
Moved John Gawthorn, seconded Helen Vogt.  Carried.

Anne Carrick tabled a copy of a submission she made to Sutherland Shire Council about birds at Maianbar titled Birds & Dogs? Maianbar.  Two copies were made available – one for the Progress Association’s file and one for circulation to people interested in the subject.

Meeting closed at 9.25 PM

@Bundeena Community Centre

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