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BPA Meeting Minutes - 2009-02-28 + AGM
Saturday, 28 February 2009

Bundeena Progress Association

Meeting Minutes - February 28th 2009

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 28 February 2009 at Bundeena Community Centre.

The meeting opened at 2.00pm. The President welcomed everyone.

Attendance as per attendance book  34 Persons


Phil Clarke, John Gawthorne, John Timbs, Paul Griffiths, Jeff Donaldson, Moya Turner


Moved that the minutes of the AGM held on the 23 February 2008 be adopted.
Helen Vogt, Tamsin Clarke,

Bill Sinclair moved that we stand for a minutes silence in memory of Alan Tagg

Business Arising

Treasurers Report

The treasurer presented the annual report and informed the meeting that the books had been audited by Derek Nolan
Maureen Keller, Mary Tagg

President's Report

The President, Helen Vogt, gave a brief report on the activities of the Association over the past year:
(a) An up-date on the progress of the wharf
(b) Requests to council to have the old corner store site cleaned-up
(c) Concern about the state of the undergrowth lining Bundeena Drive
(d) Various drainage and road problems in Bundeena

Election of Office Bearers

John White was elected as returning officer.
He moved that a vote of thanks be extended to all of the office bearers.
He declared all positions vacant and called for nominations for all of the positions.

Neil said that he had been secretary for five years and could only be elected if there were no other nominations.

The following people were elected to the positions shown
President: Helen Vogt
Vice Presidents: Alan Petersen
Secretary: Neil deNett
Treasurer: Maureen Keller1

Committee: Rosemary Zunc, John Gawthorne, Zel Jandric, Moya Turner, Bernard Swan, Rita Rasink, Tom Ledden, Jenny Stephenson, Larni Kelleher, Lorraine Kerse, Bill Sinclair, Joan Sinclair, Bob Spencer

Derek Nolan has agreed to continue as auditor

The Annual General Meeting closed at 2.40pm

Monthly Meeting 28 February 2009

Meeting opened at 2.45pm

Welcome from President, Helen Vogt

As per AGM


Moved that the minutes of the meeting held on the 27 January 2009 be adopted.
Tamsin Clarke, Alan Petersene

Business Arising

Moved that a letter of thanks be sent to the auditor
Alan Petersen, Helen Vogt

Correspondence Outwards

Moved that outward correspondence be endorsed
Tamsin Clarke, Roger Simpson

Correspondence Inwards

Moved that inwards correspondence be accepted.
Bill Sinclair, Tom Ledden

Committee Reports

Safety Audit
Alan Petersen gave a report on the Safety Audit and referred to a safety audit document issues needing attention included:
policing, unsafe pathways, lighting, roads, parking, safe walking from ferry to shopping centre.
Lighting on the eastern side of Brighton St between the shops and Scarborough St, pathway from school to shops, signage, Rymil place pathway lighting

Many thanks to Alan Petersen and Alan Jones for their work on the safety audit

Horderns Reserve
Neil gave an up-date on the re-naming of Horderns Reserve to Berenice Forster Reserve. It is now before council for consideration for the second time and appears that there will be a favourable outcome.

Old Corner Store Site - Brighton St
Progress has written to council several times requesting that this site be cleaned up. It is over grown with weeds and detracts from the shopping centre. Council is preparing to take legal action against the developer who owns the site

Bundeena Wharf
Tamsin Clarke referred to a report on the wharf and bush fire hazard reduction prepared by John Gawthorn and tabled at the meeting. Tamsin said that the Workcover Authority has requested that wharf construction temporarily cease during the short period when the ferry is operating at Bundeena Wharf.
Our attention was also drawn to the high fuel load around Bundeena in the Royal National Park, particularly Spring Gully, and the need for a hazard reduction programme.

Moved that Progress write to all the relevant authorities requesting that an appropriate hazard reduction programme be implemented.
Alan Petersen, Tamsin Clarke.

Sir Bertram Stevens Drive
Five letters and three phone calls to the RTA and still no replies to our letters and no action taken to rectify the incorrectly marked double lines on a perfectly clear overtaking section of the road one kilometre south of the Warumbul turn-off.

General Busines

There was considerable discussion about dogs on the beaches. It was pointed out to the meeting that the rules applying to Horderns Beach still apply

Residents from Maianbar said that signs relating to the sand flats that were removed two years ago when work was carried out on the playground have not been replaced. There is an obligation to protect the sandflats for migratory birds. There is a sign at Bonnie Vale which states - no vehicles, no dogs, no litter.

Everyone present was invited to have afternoon tea at the Catholic Church. Funds raised are for the bush fire appeal.

Meeting closed at 4.15 PM

@Bundeena Community Centre

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