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BPA Meeting Minutes - 2008-11-25
Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Bundeena Progress Association

Meeting Minutes - November 25th 2008

Attendance as per attendance book  6 Persons


Neil deNett, Maureen Keller, Zel Jandric

For this meeting Helen Vogt acted as secretary in the absence of Neil


Moved that the minutes of the meeting held on the 28 October 2008 be adopted.
Helen Vogt, Alan Petersen

Business Arising

Treasurers Report

Moved that the treasurer's report be accepted.
Alan Petersen, Tom Ledden

Correspondence Outwards

Moved that outward correspondence be endorsed
Alan Petersen, Helen Vogt

A letter from Paul McLeay (17.10.08) cited the wrong area of concern - not Artillery Hill-should be area 1KM south of Warumbul Rd turn off.

Moved that the secretary write to Paul McLeay drawing his attention to the error and include a map of the area in question
Tom Ledden, Moya Turner

Moved that the secretary write to council re DA approval, 42 Brighton St, to ask how councillors voted and to express our dissatisfaction with the lack of consultation with our organisation
Tom Ledden, Moya Turner

( Note. Since informed that the approval was given by staff under delegated authority)

Correspondence Inwards

Moved that inwards correspondence be accepted.
John Gawthorn, Alan Petersen

Committee Reports

Helen noted that the minutes from 1976 to 1990 are missing

General Busines

John Gawthorn tabled an unsigned letter from an Eric St resident noting acts of vandalism in Bundeena on Saturday 15/11/08. The matter had been reported to police. Moved that the Secretary write to Police re incidents of vandalism on or around this date with the possibility of a further letter to Paul McLeay if any further information is received
Helen Vogt, John Gawthorn

John Gawthorn reported that there are dangerous trees on the old park store site. John will draft a letter to send.

Two locals have been employed by council to maintain various sites around Bundeena and Maianbar. Tom Ledden will draft a letter of thanks to be sent to council
Tom Ledden, Helen Vogt

Moya Turner said that Doctor Nichols will be moving her practise from Neil St to the IGA building in Brighton St ( previously, the Century 21 office)

After extensive delays with the re-naming of Hordern's Park to the Berenice Forster Park, Progress was advised in November 2008 that councillors had rejected the name change of the park in July 2008. Progress secretary to write to council expressing our dissatisfaction with the whole process, in particular with the council decision to oppose the new name, and requesting that it be placed before council for re-consideration
Helen Vogt, Anita Zunv

Meeting closed at 8.35 PM

@Bundeena Community Centre

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