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BPA Meeting Minutes - 2008-05-27
Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Bundeena Progress Association

Meeting Minutes - May 27th 2008


  • Ambulance NSW Presentation

Attendance as per attendance book  36 Persons


Maureen Keller, Zel Jandric

Suspension of Standing Orders

Paul McLeay MP addressed the meeting about current problems with our ambulance service. He introduced three members of ASNSW, Jason Taylor, Dominic Morgan and John Millevoi. Paul drew attention to the Progress sub-committee for their efforts to maintain an ambulance service for Bundeena/Maianbar as well as the many visitors to the Royal National Park. Paul then asked Dominic Morgan to address the meeting.

Dominic Morgan related some of his experiences - he has worked as a paramedic for many years and attended numerous calls to Bundeena. He introduced Inspector John Millevoi, who said that 15 years ago Phil Mausley started the volunteer service in Bundeena. In September last year a second ambulance was made available - on a casual basis. He emphasised that the issue is timeliness of responses - obviously we are an isolated area. The ambulance service has not withdrawn any services, but two ambulance officers have withdrawn their services and the service is writing to them to work out suitable conditions. The ambos are volunteers but are paid to be on call. It is hard on the officers here. Another issue, concern about the length of time to respond. Information needs to be gathered in order to determine the level of response, which is the case in all areas. The workload does not justify building a station in Bundeena. Our campaign is timely; issue is how do we provide a constant service to this community. What do we do?

Option 1. Enough volunteer ambos
Option 2. Other services

Voice. " Bundeena is very isolated - the weir might be flooded"
Mary " Sometimes we send helicopters in"

The best answer is a local response

Voice " What about fatigue factor for officers on call?"
Mary " we need another option if volunteers fail - that, we need to address"

1. Not the workload for a full ambulance station and service.
2. Bolster on-call officers - availability
3. Practical to partner with another organisation

Will get back to us in two weeks with a response.

Short term fix to come to agreement with officers for a suitable roster Community partners raised - number of people in community trained -not a long-term success - partnering with another organisation preferred.

John Gawthorn suggested that the officers on -call in Bundeena should have the benefit of shorter working hours when on normal duties. These hours could be worked in Bundeena as part of the on-call time at the full pay rate.

The chairman called on Paul McLeay to sum-up.

The ambulance officers who attended the meeting were warmly thanked.

Superintendent Dengate, Sutherland Local Area Command, addressed the meeting about the state of roads, particularly in the Royal National Park. He gave a brief talk on his background in the police force. He has had a wide range of experience, including small country towns. He gave a run-down on crime levels in the Sutherland Command Area and also addressed issues relating to cycles and motor cycles in the national park.

John Gawthorn raised the matter of a long history of mis-management of the road through the park

Business resumed at 9.40 PM


Moved that the minutes of the meeting held on the 29 April 2008 be adopted.
Neil deNett, Moya Turner

Business Arising


Treasurers Report

Moved that the treasurer's report be accepted.
Alan Petersen, Bernard Swann

Correspondence Inwards

Moved that a sub-committee be formed to assist Dr Jilian Nichols in various ways.
Neil deNett, Moya Turner
Volunteers - Helen Vogt, Moya Turner, Neil deNett

Alan Petersen tabled a letter re the Planning Department and the proposed changes to the planning laws.

Correspondence Outwards

Moved that outward correspondence be endorsed
Neil deNett, Alan Petersen

Committee Reports


General Business

Paul McLeay announced that construction on the wharf would be started soon

Meeting closed at 10.30 PM

@Bundeena Community Centre

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