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BPA Meeting Minutes - 2008-02-23
Saturday, 23 February 2008

Bundeena Progress Association

Meeting Minutes - February 23rd 2008


  • Bundeena Creek
  • Ambulance Services

Attendance as per attendance book  20 Persons


Phil Clarke, John Gawthorne, Jenny Stephenson, Paul Griffiths, Bob Spencer, Tom Ledden, Steve Green, Norma Parry-Williams.


Moved that a letter of thanks be sent to the auditor
Alan Petersen

Business Arising

Alan Peterson noted that a Council environmental audit had been requested for Bundeena to address environmental concerns including water quality, deer, environmental degradation etc. Kit Bray suggested that this include the impact of weeds spreading in to the Royal National Park from unbuilt development sites like the corner store site.

It was noted that according to the Bundeena Ferry owner further dredging of Port Hacking to enable easy ferry movement is required but no funding has been set aside by State Government.

Correspondence Inwards

Moved that the inward correspondence be accepted
Bill Sinclair, Betty Kelly

Correspondence Outwards

No outward correspondence

Committee Reports


Neil reported that the plans of the development at 42 – 44 Brighton Street, which had been rejected by Council partly on the basis of inadequate parking, had been amended and re-submitted, to include car stackers and that an easement had been granted by the (same) owner of the adjacent property to allow cars turning over that property.

Update on Bundeena Creek

Alan Petersen addressed the meeting about the proposed environmental audit. A workshop has been held already on Bundeena Creek. Alan attended the Port Hacking Management Panel meeting and is very pleased with the progress. The Port Hacking Working Group had appointed an independent environmental consultant who had concluded that there was no environmental benefit in Sutherland Council opening the entrance to the creek, as it could be detrimental to the health of the creek. The creek, nearer its source at the rear of Scarborough St properties is in very good condition but is quite bad near the entrance.

Lack of ambulance service for Bundeena, Maianbar and the Royal National Park

Three local ambulance drivers attended the meeting. They explained that they volunteer to be on-call in Bundeena. There is no permanent ambulance service for this area. The coverage is limited and the number of drivers available may soon reduce to one. If this happens the present voluntary service would be unworkable. They gave examples of country towns where residents had raised funds to combine with public money to build an ambulance station. It was agreed that we should write to our local member, Paul McLeay, about the provision of an ambulance station in Bundeena.

A vote of thanks was moved for the ambulance officers who attended the

Accommodation for older residents

Margaret Sargent addressed the meeting about the need for accommodation for older residents who wish to stay in Bundeena. Margaret had submitted a detailed letter to the secretary which was read out at the meeting. The secretary is to inquire about possible government assistance for  funding for this purpose. It was agreed to place this item on the agenda for the next general meeting to formulate plans for further action.

General Business

It was moved that we write to council requesting that extra bins be provided in the shopping centre on busy weekends. Rubbish overflows onto the street, as there are not sufficient bins to cope with the amount of rubbish. Maureen Keller will draft a letter to send to council.
Maureen Keller, Betty Kelly

Meeting closed at 4.20 PM

@Bundeena Community Centre

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