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BPA Meeting Minutes - 2008-01-29
Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Bundeena Progress Association

Meeting Minutes - January 29th 2008


  • Dredging Concerns
  • Environmental Audit

Attendance as per attendance book  10 Persons


Bob Spencer, Bob Parry-Williamsn


Moved that the minutes of the meeting held on the 27 November 2007 be adopted.
Norma Parry-Williams, Maureen Keller

Business Arising

Some doubts were raised as to whether the recent dredging of the channels was sufficient to ensure the safe running of the ferries. The secretary is to ring Carl Rogan to ascertain that he is satisfied with the work. If the work is considered to be unsatisfactory then the secretary is to write to Paul McLeay expressing our concerns.
John Gawthorn, Maureen Keller

Neil advised the meeting that Bob Spencer is still in Kareena Hospital, but he hopes to be home in Bundeena very soon.

Moved that John Gawthorn be authorised to approach the 7.30 Report or other TV programme about the condition of Sir Bertram Stevens Drive.
Helen Vogt, Alan Petersen

Treasurers Report

Moved that the treasurer's report be accepted.
Maureen Keller, Alan Petersen

Correspondence Inwards

The plans for 42 Brighton St have been lodged with council for a re-determination. The applicant has made some amendments.

Moved that inwards correspondence be accepted and that the secretary be authorised to inspect the plans for 42 Brighton St, and lodge a submission with council.
Helen Vogt, Norma Parry-Williams

Correspondence Outwards

Moved that outward correspondence be endorsed
Alan Petersen, Tom Ledden

Committee Reports

Council rejected the first plans for 42 Brighton St, and the applicant has now lodged an amended plan for re-determination. We have not yet viewed the amended plans.

General Business

Alan Petersen suggested that it would be timely to have an environmental audit of Bundeena.
He requested that BPA request council, & other concerned parties, to co-operatively conduct an environmental audit of Bundeena & surrounds. The audit, like the safety audit currently in action, be a working document to address all environmental concerns.

It would cover issues such as deer, sewerage & rubbish pollution, flora & fauna degradation, and water quality to name just a few. The work on the creek would be another part of the bigger picture. A working plan is the best way to get things done.

The meeting agreed with Alan and authorised him to form a sub-committee and prepare a plan as a starting point, to present to council.

Tom Ledden spoke about the apparent increase in vandalism in Bundeena and Maianbar. Other members confirmed Tom's comments.

Zel Zandric suggested that we include environmental issues in our next newsletter

Maureen Keller tabled a leaflet about a council web-site which provided free advertising for tourist activities, accommodation etc

John Gawthorn drew members' attention to proposed changes to planning laws, which largely are detrimental to the interests of residents and favour developers. The public can lodge submissions, see NSW Department of Planning web site - www. planning.nsw.gov.au

Meeting closed at 9.05 PM

@Bundeena Community Centre

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