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BPA Meeting Minutes - 2007-09-25
Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Bundeena Progress Association

Meeting Minutes - September 25th 2007


  • Channel Dredging Concerns

Attendance as per attendance book 11 Persons


Bob Spencer, Tamsin Clarke, Bob and Norma Parry- Williams


Moved that the minutes of the meeting held on the 28 August 2007 be adopted.
John Muscat, John Gawthorn

Business Arising

Graham Irving (vice president) arrived and was informed that the President had left Bundeena and the position of president is now vacant. Graham declined to fill the position due to other commitments. Nominations will be considered at the next meeting.

Treasurers Report

Moved that the treasurer's report be accepted.

Maureen Keller, Bernard Swann.

Correspondence Inwards

Moved that inwards correspondence be accepted

Alan Peteresen, Graham Irving

Correspondence Outwards

Moved that outward correspondence be endorsed

Kit Bray, Moya Turner

Committee Reports

Tourist Committee

Maureen Keller said that they were promised a locality map would be placed in the Summers Park. It is not there yet. Moved that we write to Council Tourism Officer asking when the sign is to be erected.

Maureen Keller, Zel Jandric

Clr Spencer Report

Clr Spencer was not at the meeting, his apology is recorded

General Business

Alan Petersen enquired about the Bundeena Creek survey. Neil said that contact had been made with the consultants and that a public meeting would be held next month.

John Gawthorn had concerns about the proposed dredging of the channel. He believed that it would follow a different route which could add to the time taken for the ferry trip. Moved that we write to Paul Mc Leay asking about the proposed dredging of the channel.

John Gawthorn, Bernard Swann

Moved that we contact Carl Rogan, Cronulla Ferry Service, asking if he has any concerns about the proposed dredging.

Zel Jandric, Maureen Keller

Bernard suggested that we approach the bank about a reduction in our bank fees. He agreed to contact our bank and discuss the issue with them. Graham Irving raised the idea of a bus lay-by in Scarborough St outside of the school, and perhaps using section 94 funds from the development opposite the school to offset the construction costs.
Graham is to obtain more information and bring it to the next meeting

Meeting closed at 8.37 PM

@Bundeena Community Centre

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