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BPA Meeting Minutes - 2007-01-30
Tuesday, 06 February 2007

Bundeena Progress Association

Meeting Minutes - Jan 30th 2007


Attendance as per attendance book 12 Persons


Zel Jandric, Moya Turner


Moved that the minutes of the meeting held on the 28 November 2006 be adopted.

Bernard Swann, Craig Felton

Business Arising

Treasurers Report

Moved that the treasurer's report be accepted.

Maureen Keller, Bob Spencer

Correspondence Inwards

Moved that inwards correspondence be accepted

Alan Petersen, Bernard Swann

Correspondence Outwards

Moved that outwards correspondence be endorsed

Bob Spencer, Craig Feldick

Moved that Council be notified who the new office bearers are after the AGM

Maureen Keller, Alan Petersen

Committee Reports

There is no new information about developments in the commercial area.

Neil spoke about problems with the Bundeena DCP in the residential section. It related to assessment officers applying some minor elements of the plan too rigidly and also different interpretations by staff. There is a lack of consistency.

Wayne King addressed the meeting and spoke about his problems with council assessing his plan for a dwelling. He found the assessment officer to be difficult and was told his plan would not be approved and that he should withdraw it and start again. Wayne's advice, from his architect, was that the plan complied with the DCP.

It was moved that Progress support Wayne's application in principle subject to further information being supplied to the association.

Bernard Swann, Maureen Keller

 Clr Spencer Report

Bob spoke about a problem with trucks parking on both sides of Scarborough St near the development on the ex uniting church site. There was room for one lane of traffic only.

Bundeena DCP is in LEP 2006 and is now gazetted. This strengthens the ability to protect Bundeena from unwanted development

The up grading of Roger Summers Park has commenced.

Work on park in Bombora Ave is next.

Short Ave construction is progressing well

Drawings are complete for the new footpath in Scarborough St near the school

Bob also expressed concern about the large number of boats using Jibbon Beach. They are causing a hazard to swimmers and beach users. There have been several complaints about it.

Moved that we write to Clr Spencer as chairman of the Port Hacking Management Panel, outlining problems of excessive use and suggesting some remedies.

Bernard Swann, John Muscat

General Business

Alan Petersen raised matter of cars parking on Morgans Hill reducing Bundeena Drive to one lane. The cars are the overflow from Bonnie Vale.

Another member spoke about the danger of the B-Double trucks using the road through the National Park. This road is not really suitable for such large vehicles.

Meeting closed at 8.50 PM

@Bundeena Community Centre
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