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BPA AGM - 2008-02-23
Saturday, 23 February 2008

Bundeena Progress Association

AGM Minutes - February 23rd 2008

Meeting opened at 2:15pm 

Attendance as per attendance book  20 Persons


Phil Clarke, John Gawthorne, Jenny Stephenson, Paul Griffiths, Bob Spencer, Tom Ledden, Steve Green, Norma Parry-Williams


Moved that the minutes of the AGM held on the 24 February 2007 be adopted.
Neil deNett, Tamsin Clarke

Business Arising

Treasurers Report

The treasurer presented the annual report and informed the meeting that the books had been audited by Derek Nolan
Maureen Keller, Mary Tagg

President's Report

The President, Helen Vogt, gave an extensive report on the activities
of the Association over the past year:

  • (a) destruction of the midden on the SX site, and representations made by BPA to Sutherland Council on this issue
  • (b) letter from BPA to Sutherland Council expressing lack of confidence in private certifier of the SX site;
  • (c) tabling of new wharf plans in March 2007;
  • (d) representations made to Paul McLeay concerning the need to restrict large trucks from using Sir Bertram Stevens drive;
  • (e) letters sent by BPA to the Chief Justice of the Land and Environment Court and the Attorney General’s Department concerning procedural defects in the case concerning the corner store site;
  • (f) various name changes to local streets;
  • (g) letters to RTA concerning the state of Sir Bertram Stevens drive (including assistance from John Gawthorne)
  • (h) representations made in relation to driving licences for older drivers
  • (i) representations made in relation to dredging of Port Hacking inareas used by the Bundeena ferry (including assistance from John Gawthorne)
  • (j) the issue of the school bus parking at the top of the hill on Scarborough Street
  • (k) the Bundeena creek survey
  • (l) planning law changes
  • (m) vandalism in both Bundeena and Maianbar
  • (n) environmental audit of Bundeena
  • (o) revised plans for Fringe café site, 42 – 44 Brighton Street

A vote of thanks was extended to all of the office bearers,

Election of Office Bearers

Alan Tagg was elected as returning officer. He declared all positions vacant and called for nominations for all of the positions. He drew the meetings attention to the editorial in the Progress Newsletter and also the story about Ron Harrigan.

Neil said that he had been secretary for four years and could only be elected if there were no other nominations.

The following people were elected to the positions shown

  • President: Helen Vogt
  • Vice Presidents: Alan Petersen, Jenny Stephenson
  • Secretary: Neil deNett
  • Treasurer: Maureen Keller
  • Committee: Rosemary Zunc, John Gawthorne, Zel Jandric, Moya Turner, Bernard Swan, Rita Rasink, Betty Kelly, Kit Bray, Norma Parry-Williams, Tom Ledden
  • Derek Nolan has agreed to continue as auditor

It was moved that

  • (a) a letter of thanks be sent to the outgoing president, Alan Bow, who no longer lives in Bundeena
  • (b) that the meeting congratulate Alan and Mary Tagg on their 40th wedding anniversary
  • (c) that BPA meetings be held bi-monthly instead of monthly. Bill Sinclair

The returning officer said that motion (c) was a matter for a committee meeting

Motions a and b were adopted unanimously

Meeting closed at 2.45 PM

@Bundeena Community Centre

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