Bonnie Vale Campground Remediation Update – February 2021

Remediation of Bonnie Vale campground  has made progress in a number of areas.

Coastal Protection Works

Bonnie Vale Coastal Rock Bags

Over the last few years Bonnie Vale has had serious coastal erosion as a result of severe weather events. The most notable occured in May of 2020 which resulted in the split of Deeban Spit.

As a result of this erosion the north-western section of the campground area is susceptible to flooding and without any remediation may become permanently flooded. To address the issue rock-bags have been installed along the north-western shoreline of the campground. This work was performed to ensure the campground was accessible and safe for future use.

Additionally, the existing sand-bag wall will be extended further along the western end of the day use area (near the campground entrance) during February and March 2021. NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service are also investigating engineering alternatives for more permament protection of the shoreline.

Boat Launching Area Changes

The boat launching area has had significant works but is still only accessible to 4WD capable vehicles. The launch path turning off of the main Bonnie Vale access road had been paved over so it is now a hard surface. However, the second half of the launch jags west and then north over the existing beach sand surface.

The other new installation was of a gate to the boat launch area itself. Normally, the gate will be left unlocked and open to allow for unrestricted access.  However,  the gate may be closed and locked should it be deemed necessary for a range of short-term emergency operational reasons.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assesment

As part of the remediation works Aboriginal archaeological test excavations were performed within the Bonnie Vale campground and day use area. Aboriginal cultural material were identified in the area. This work is part of the Aboriginal heritage assessment process and will inform the remediation works.

The following video elaborates on the significance of the Aboriginal heritage of Bonnie Vale.

Remediation Works Progress

Bonnie Vale Remediation Works

A number of preliminary requirements for the start of the remediation works have been completed. These completed requirements include:

  • Site investigation including asbestos analysis and coastal management impact
  • Aboriginal archaeology investigation & test excavations.

However, a number of additional items need completion before Bonnie Vale campground can reopen. These include:

  • Aboriginal archaeology assessment
  • Concept plans for remediation
  • Detailed landscape plans
  • Implementation of remediation works

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