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Bundeena Maianbar Chamber of Commerce

Bundeena Maianbar Chamber of Commerce

Bundeena Ferry at Wharf Our Objectives

  • Provide local business owners the opportunity to join a recognized group that has the ability to pursue and promote its common interests and objectives on behalf of its members
  • Create opportunities for local businesses to improve their performance and operating environment
  • Provide a representative and respected voice on matters affecting local businesses
  • Promote sensible business development appropriate to the Bundeena and Maianbar Community


The Bundeena Maianbar Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) was incorporated as an association by the NSW Office of Fair Trading on 9 November 2007. The organizing committee for the BMCC believe that our community interests can be well served by an officially recognized and incorporated association of business people that promotes the common interests and objectives of its membership.

Serving Our Membership

The BMCC is a privately funded, membership based, not-for-profit organisation. The Executive Committee, serving on a voluntary basis, carries out the day-to-day business of the Chamber. The Committee works closely with the NSW Business Chamber and other local Chambers of Commerce to help promote Bundeena and Maianbar businesses. Members of the BMCC have access to many resources provided by the NSW Business Chamber, including advice and assistance with a myriad of issues that face small business owners. The BMCC provides opportunities for networking and business alliances within the local community as well as within the greater Sydney area. Committee members are constantly searching out and then sharing useful business information and contacts that can benefit all BMCC members. The Committee expects to greatly expand its services to its members as the Chamber grows. Access to services provided by the BMCC are limited to its members, as is attendance at BMCC committee and general meetings.

Growing for the Future

As a member based association, the BMCC needs the support of Bundeena Maianbar based business owners and operators. While most chambers in the greater Sydney area charge membership fees of at least $100 per year, the BMCC has set fees at $50 per year plus a one-time initial application processing fee of $20. Membership dues are vital in paying various fees and dues with the Office of Fair Trading, the NSW Business Chamber, and other administrative costs. Growing our membership as we get the BMCC up and running is a vital first step in establishing and expanding services to our members. Applications for membership can be downloaded from this website, or obtained from any member of the Executive Committee.