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Barry O'Farrell visits Bundeena Maianbar
Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Barry O'Farrell visited Bundeeena Maianbar on Sunday meeting with representatives from the Maianbar Progress Association and the RNP Communities Services Group.

O'Farrell along with Liberal Heathcote candidate Lee Evans started their visit at Maianbar near Fisherman's Bay to discuss the concerns over the lack of dredging raised by the Maianbar PA. The level of silt has built up in the area and Maianbar PA president Jeff Donaldson worries residents, in particular elderly ones, may not be able to be evacuated in a timely manner by water in the event of a bushfire. Donaldson has been calling on dregding to be performed in the area to make it easier for boats to get closer to the Maianbar foreshore.

The group walked from Maianbar to Bundeena via the Bonnie Vale track. Due to the steepness and rockiness of the track in some sections the suggestion of an upgrade was made to O'Farrell and Evans as the track is regulalry used by residents including children to get between the two villages.

After arriving in Bundeena they met up with Tamsin Clarke of the RNP Communities Services Group along with some NSW Ambulance staff who live in the area as well as one local resident who recently had to drive himself to hospital after an accident. The group discussed options to improve ambulance services in Bundeena Maianbar as the current government had rejected the 2008 NSW Ambulance parlimentary inquiry recommendation for a dedicated ambulance service in Bundeena. O'Farrell was questioned if would implement the recommendation if his party was elected but he was not prepared to say at the time as they were still considering the options.

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