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Barking Mad
Monday, 16 February 2009
Royal National Park No Dogs Allowed Sign
Growing resentment over a crackdown on dog walking on Bundeena beaches has locals howling. Poll Results

Our poll on the issue showed more than half of voters wanted increased access for dog walking either with 24 hour access or restricted access to all beaches in the area. A quarter wanted the status quo of restricted access on Horderns and only one in six wanted no access to any beach.

Jurisdiction of the beaches around Bundeena has been called into question. The land area sections of Horderns and Gunyah beaches fall under Sutherland Shire Council while for Bonnie Vale and Jibbon beaches fall under National Parks & Wildlife Services. However, below the high tide mark things are unclear. Council claims jurisdiction below the high tide mark but many have questioned if this has any legal standing. One local claims to have obtained an admission from a Council officer he spoke to that Council was in error on being able to fine people below the high tide mark.

With the threat of $300 fines hanging over dog walkers heads a group residents are banding together to raise their concerns with Council and NPWS. The group's spokesperson Julie Souter says "Dog-owners have rights too, it’s about time we stood up for ourselves" as well as "It has been some 10 years since the community was consulted in relation to dogs and where they can go. We believe another consultation is well overdue.".

The group will be meeting this coming Saturday February 21st at the Passionfruit Cafe 10:30am. They are inviting all concerned residents to join them in signing a petition which they will be submitting to Council and NPWS.

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Select Poll: 

Dog walking on beaches in and around Bundeena should be
Dog walking on beaches in and around Bundeena should be
   not allowed at all on any beach.
11   17.19%
   opened up with 24 hours access to all beaches.
14   21.88%
   kept as is with restricted hours on Horderns
16   25%
   opened up with restricted hours to all beaches.
23   35.94%

Number of Voters  : 65

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