Loo With a View

Local resident John Gawthorne raises concerns on the construction of the new toilet facilities at Bonnie Vale park.

In the most important section of the Bonnie Vale picnic grounds in the Royal National Park south of Sydney the National Parks and Wildlife Service is presently constructing a large toilet building which will severely impact on visitors’ views of the beautiful Port Hacking.

This appalling debacle could be avoided if the toilets were built behind’ the mostlY disused ranger’s cottage but the NPWS did not consider this option. The NPWS intends to demolish a nearby old toilet building to free up some of the views of the park and Port Hacking.

On 11 July 2006 a meeting was convened at Bonnie Vale with the Royal National Park area mana~er and staff to discuss a groundswell of public opposition to the location of the toilet block. Most people were unaware until construction commenced. I asked for copies of the Bonnie Vale plans but they did not have them. The fenced construction area makes no reference that a toilet block is being built.

Some time ago there was an exhibition of the complicated Bonnie Vale draft plans but I did not observe any reference to the toilet block as proposals or changes were not high­lighted. As I was being pushed along at the crowded exhibition I requested copies of the drafts to examine at home but my request was refused and the National Parks representative did not take my personal particulars even though I required further information. I might add at the same venue the Sutherland Shire Council waS exhibiting four draft plans for the village of Bundeena and the plans were made freely available to the public and they also took my name and address for further consultation.

Can you please assist as Bonnie Vale is the best picnic area bordered by safe, sandy beaches and also contains the only camping ground in the Royal National Park1 Visitors to Bonnie Vale can travel by train to Cronulla and then a ferry trip to Bundeena or by road through the Royal National Park.